Our Fleet

Our fleet represents the prestige and professional service we pride ourselves on with added luxury, for the comfort our families need.

Our new vehicles are based on the new 2013 Jaguar XF models, comprising a motor hearse and a limousine.

All our vehicles are maintained and presented to the highest standard, a standard that you would expect and a standard we are proud to provide.

(We would like to thank Hills Cemetery, Horsham and St Margaret’s Church, Ifield for the use of their grounds.)

For the truly traditional funeral from the bygone years we are also able to offer a horse-drawn hearse, with either two or four beautiful horses.

We can also offer other various horse-drawn carriage types that could fulfil your needs. Alternatively we can source other various styles of hearse for bespoke funerals, to a flat-bedded truck and a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Our aim is to create a service to remember for your lost loved ones.

Horse and Carriage

Horse and Carriage

Emotional Assistance

There are many organisations that can help you cope with your grief. Here are the contact details for support...Read More