Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

George Lavin

20th May 2011

Derek Hawes Richards

23rd May 2011

Phillip Stephen Wates

26th May 2011

Kuldeep Singh Jagdev

27th May 2011

Bernard Barker

28th May 2011

Cecilia Mary Ralph

29th May 2011

Albert Charles Parker “Jim”

30th May 2011

Roy Peter Jack Scutt

1st May 2012

Doreen Lilian Mills

1st May 2012

Frederick George Mulford “Fred”

2nd May 2012

David Frank Pitts “Jim”

4th May 2012

Mary Lucille Wirasinha

5th May 2012

Gladys Richley

5th May 2012

Esme’ Manton Shaboe

9th May 2012

Betty Eileen Cronshaw

15th May 2012

Natalie Edwards

15th May 2012

Frank Reginald Pusey OBE

20th May 2012

Elizabeth May McDine

21st May 2012

Anthony Gerald Hill “Tony”

21st May 2012

Grace Emily Page

18th May 2010

John Charles Weller

18th May 2010

John William Basham

20th May 2010

Lilian Elsie Boseley-Yemm

21st May 2010

Ghelabhai Lallubhai Desai “Gelabi”

21st May 2010

Robert McVicar “Bob”

22nd May 2010

Oliver John Lyon “Ollie”

24th May 2010

Janice Workman

30th May 2010

Hansalaxmi Patel

30th May 2010

Christopher Michael Varley “Chris”

31st May 2010

Robert Samuel Ellis

1st May 2011

Ronald Trevor Davies “Ron”

2nd May 2011

Margaret Cameron Buckley

3rd May 2011

Ethel Mary Johnson

5th May 2011

Florence Mabel Clarke “Florrie”

6th May 2011

Betty Diana Pratt “Diana”

6th May 2011

Norman John Pritchard

6th May 2011

Sylvia Lillian Joan Cassing

7th May 2011

Ada Cornelia Rice

10th May 2011

George Johnstone Milne

10th May 2011

Linda Ann Newman

12th May 2011

James Saville Tyson “Jim”

13th May 2011

Graham Ralph Miller

15th May 2011

Patricia Beryl Simper “Patti”

15th May 2011

Irene Grace Raymond

21st May 2009

James Jim Wells

21st May 2009

Richard James Kearsey

22nd May 2009

Kenneth John Rivers

23rd May 2009

Olive Hilda Kelly

24th May 2009

Donald Charles Eustace Kirby

25th May 2009

Rose Holman

25th May 2009

Eileen Weaver “Peggy”

26th May 2009

Gertrude Trude de Hoedt

27th May 2009

Peter Geoffrey Watts

27th May 2009

Alice Elizabeth Wood

28th May 2009

Olive May Phipps

29th May 2009

Margaret Doris Wood

31st May 2009

Lawrence Albert Payne “Larry”

2nd May 2010

Alan William Pincham

2nd May 2010

Sylvia Jean Millar

3rd May 2010

Leslie Perry Poole

4th May 2010

George William Joyce

9th May 2010

David Gerald Dewdney

9th May 2010

Florence Dorothy Smith

10th May 2010

Alfred John Madeley

12th May 2010

Lindsey Norman Riggs “Lyn”

16th May 2010

Jesseman Aldred Dowden “Jack”

16th May 2010

Marilyn Hayward

17th May 2010

Suzanne Patricia Reed

22nd May 2008

Henry Joseph Chapman “Harry”

23rd May 2008

Denis Victor Brewster

24th May 2008

Percy Horace Ridge

25th May 2008

Leonard John Worboys

27th May 2008

Derek James Lawrence

27th May 2008

Michael Francis John Mead

27th May 2008

Malcolm Eric Lockett “Malc”

29th May 2008

Jessie Rooney

31st May 2008

Bessie Emmeline Paul

31st May 2008

Brian John Harold Spears

2nd May 2009

Elizabeth Maud C Pugh “Flora”

4th May 2009

Antonio Percudani “Tony”

5th May 2009

Cyril Frederick Adams

9th May 2009

Caroline Patricia Stute “Caz”

9th May 2009

Lawrence George Stewart “Larry”

10th May 2009

Richard Ernest Henry Newman

10th May 2009

Violet Chapman

10th May 2009

Violet Chapman

13th May 2009

June Evelyn Butler

13th May 2019

Arthur Robert Trotman “Harry”

15th May 2009

Thomas Sutherland Findlay “George”

15th May 2009

Norah Brook

16th May 2009

Henry Edward Kingsford “Harry”

18th May 2009

Rose Ellen Smith

19th May 2009

Dexter Stewart Brown

28th May 2006

Alice Davey

28th May 2006

Joan Eileen Crompton

30th May 2006

Ronald Cnudde

30th May 2006

Florence Rhoda Parkinson

4th May 2007

Peter Ronald Hooper

5th May 2007

Philip Thomas E Fuller

7th May 2007

Donald George Reuby “Don”

9th May 2007