Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

Keith Alan Gray

28th July 2012

Mary Bradshaw

1st July 2013

Frederick Wiliam Walton

1st July 2013

Beryl Winifred Shirley

3rd July 2013

Alfred James McClatchey

4th July 2013

Robert Melvyn John Wood “Rob”

6th July 2013

Florence Irene Casson “Rene”

6th July 2013

Peggy Hazel Keenlyside

7th July 2013

Helen Jane Peacock

7th July 2013

Emily Lilian Tobin

8th July 2013

Audrey Clout

8th July 2013

Rosalind Peggy Brown “Ros”

18th July 2010

Barbara Mary Parsons

20th July 2010

Hoomawuttee Gopal

22nd July 2010

Robert Charles Richardson

23rd July 2010

Harry Ormonde Bennett

25th July 2010

Joseph John Lucy

26th July 2010

Denis Allan Symes

28th July 2010

Ronald Frederick Booth

29th July 2010

Morag Clapp

31st July 2010

Mikolaj Pruchnickyj “Nick”

3rd July 2011

Queenie Gertrude Shaw

6th July 2011

John Anthony Carolan

6th July 2011

George John James Pine “John”

6th July 2011

Martin Neil Pelling

9th July 2011

Dorothy Sharman

15th July 2011

Raymond Albert Page “Ray”

17th July 2011

William Richard Smith “Bill”

18th July 2011

Hazel Dora Riley

22nd July 2011

Geoffrey Thomas Burchell “Geoff”

22nd July 2011

Brian Shortman

26th July 2011

Margaret Olive Tucker

27th July 2011

Andrew Philip Bounds “Philip”

29th July 2011

Irene May Wheeler “Rene”

31st July 2011

Mary Nisbet Gray “Marie”

1st July 2012

Vera Collison

18th July 2009

Rose May Hemmings

18th July 2009

Anne Rosina Duncombe

18th July 2009

John Brian Stevens

18th July 2009

Doreen Black

27th July 2009

Gladys Bessie Skilton

28th July 2009

Andrew Robert McKie

1st July 2010

Frederick William Charles Meade “Bill”

1st July 2010

Leonard Ernest Peters “Len”

3rd July 2010

Ray Phyllis Musselbrook

3rd July 2010

Wendy Barbara Wheeler

6th July 2010

David John Mabille

7th July 2010

Catherine Ryan “Cathy”

8th July 2010

Coral Merlyn Joyce

9th July 2010

Irene Bramhill “Maud”

9th July 2010

Patrick Thomas Begley “Tom”

9th July 2010

Roger Keith Stanley

10th July 2010

Robert John Hyslop “Bob”

10th July 2010

Linda Green

11th July 2010

Doris Eleanor Wright

13th July 2010

Edith Helena Stanford “Lena”

13th July 2010

Ellen Elizabeth Delany

14th July 2010

James William Maybank

15th July 2010

Malcolm James Watts

17th July 2010

Harold Reginald Perks

16th July 2008

Laura Karen Slingo

17th July 2008

Alan George W Dodsworth

18th July 2008

Ronald Rose

20th July 2008

Beryl Grace Willis

20th July 2008

Doctor David G G McLeish

22nd July 2008

Elsie Mabel Burgess

23rd July 2008

Lilian May David “Lily”

25th July 2008

Jane Ann Goodege

28th July 2008

Eric Vivian Goodyear

28th July 2008

Lucy Victoria Angell

30th July 2008

Alan Ronald Weaver

1st July 2009

Betty Joyce Deacon

2nd July 2009

Ivor Leonard Payne “Olly”

3rd July 2009

Ann Willats

3rd July 2009

Graham Michael Burt

5th July 2009

Joseph James Church “Joe”

5th July 2009

Grace Mary Neary

6th July 2009

Margaret Dukes

8th July 2009

Elizabeth Knowles

9th July 2009

Geoffrey Desmond Powell

13th July 2009

Lilian Watson

14th July 2009

Brian Richard Kirkup

17th July 2009

Linda E Chegwidden

17th July 2009

Pauline Elizabeth Borrows

12th July 2007

Rose Edith Harrison “Rosa”

13th July 2007

John Ellis

17th July 2007

Alan John Davey “John”

19th July 2007

Peter Fox

21st July 2007

Eric Ede “Harry”

22nd July 2007

Frank Tidy

23rd July 2007

Margaret Cynthia James

31st July 2007

Sybil Mary Barnby

1st July 2008

Florence Lilian Forbes “Queenie”

4th July 2008

Ivy Ellen Hawes

4th July 2008

Marjorie Ann Webb “Marj”

5th July 2008

Sheila Russell

6th July 2008

Dorothy Ann Sayers

7th July 2008

Derek Moreton Groves

10th July 2008

Thomas Sidney Allery “Tom”

11th July 2008

Mavis Jane Rose

12th July 2008