Book of Remembrance - 2017

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Stephen Weir

8th July 2017

Keith Leslie Brock

5th December 2017

Graham Clements

5th December 2017

Joanne Patricia Cocks

3rd December 2017

Valerie Joyce May Martin

3rd December 2017

Iris Matilda Breach

2nd December 2017

Sarah Louise Allsop

30th December 2017

Brigid Anne Brown “Breda”

30th December 2017

John Frederick Hillier

30th December 2017

Valerie Joyce Hawkes

28th December 2017

Ranjan Amin

26th December 2017

Clive Layton

26th December 2017

Trevor Leslie Wright

25th December 2017

Mavis Mary Odiwe

25th December 2017

Ivy Knight

24th December 2017

Michael John Brown

22nd December 2017

Christine Mary Stearn “Chris”

22nd December 2017

Lily Eva Anderson

21st December 2017

Vincent Frederick Peck

19th December 2017

Kim Margaret Downward

19th December 2017

Norman Riggs

16th December 2017

Winifred Rose Hurley

13th December 2017

Grace Amy Cowell

10th December 2017

Edith Jenkins Cowles

10th December 2017

Bridget Teresa Gahagan

9th December 2017

Ernest John Phipps “Ernie”

8th December 2017

Martyn Atkins

6th December 2017

Robert William Maynard Knevett “Bob”

6th December 2017

William Donald Frances “Bill”

5th December 2017

Eleanor Rose Marie Rhodes

18th November 2017

Joyce Evelyn Bigus

18th November 2017

Edna May Avery

17th November 2017

Sylvia Mary Roberts “Sue”

16th November 2017

Clarence Geoffrey Billings “Geoff”

14th November 2017

June Humphries

14th November 2017

June Ann O’Hanlon

12th November 2017

Colin Raymond Price

11th November 2017

Frederick John Berry “Fred”

10th November 2017

Paul Jonathan Starling

8th November 2017

Anthony Masterman “Tony” ~ “Spike”

6th November 2017

Michael George Mackay “Mick”

5th November 2017

Hilda Frances Tenwick

3rd November 2017

Michael John Reed

2nd November 2017

Denis James Prince

30th October 2017

Sheila Jean Reagan

28th October 2017

Glen Michael Gershkoff

20th October 2017

Beryl Mary Henbery

20th October 2017

Dr Pamela Monica Beaumont

18th October 2017

Lorna Brooks

1st January 1970

Waler Lionel Coles

14th October 2017

June Auriol Tocker

10th October 2017

Roger Denyer

1st October 2017

Ian Martin Hunter

24th September 2017

Elisa Neves Fernandes Tre

20th September 2017

Helen Isabella Brown

19th September 2017

Yvonne Anna Wiora

18th September 2017

Alfred Edward Grimstone ‘Alf’

15th September 2017

Jean Mavourneen Clarke

14th September 2017

Emma Jane Bishop

12th September 2017

Francis John Terry ‘Frank’

10th September 2017

Sharon Jane Bennett

10th September 2017

Peter Edgar John Dungey

8th September 2017

Freda Mary McKenzie

7th September 2017

Francis John Dougan ‘Frank’

5th September 2017

Sarah Jane Vallom

4th September 2017

Mary Alice Geary

2nd September 2017

Lawrence Ralph Medhurst ‘Laurie’

27th September 2017

Frederick Leonard Bale ‘Fred’

27th September 2017

George John Sinclair

26th September 2017

Mary Andrews

25th September 2017

Muriel Frances O’Hara

16th August 2017

Kevin Thumwood

15th August 2017

Peggy Evans

13th August 2017

Ellen Elisabeth Rundle ‘Jean’

13th August 2017

Joyce Elizabeth Rice

1st August 2017

Maud Roberts

29th August 2017

Hazel Valerie Charman

28th August 2017

John Alfred Tyler

26th August 2017

Pearl Ellis

25th August 2017

Thomas John Langowski ‘Tom’

20th August 2017

Jean Sylvia Hallawell

20th August 2017

George Ernest Gilbert

19th August 2017

Doreen Irene Skam

18th August 2017

Winifred Rose Walkey ‘Win’

17th August 2017

Ian Frank Caller

23rd July 2017

David Marsden

20th July 2017

Harry Polkey

20th July 2017

June Victoria Mahoney

14th July 2017

Alan Peter Pulling “Peter”

12th July 2017

Stephen Weir

8th July 2017

Gladys Elizabeth Saville

7th July 2017

John Sidney Rose

4th July 2017

Anthony John Stephens “Tony”

3rd July 2017

Phyllis Ellen Baylis “Phyl”

2nd July 2017

Sandra Ann Ashby

2nd July 2017

Gillian Margaret Pitt

1st July 2017

Henry George Hedger “George”

29th July 2017

Christopher Siddall “Chris”

29th July 2017

Nellie Grace Napper

4th June 2017

Timothy Michael McSharry “Tim”

28th June 2017

Shirley Anne Wildy

27th June 2017

Michael Reginald Durrant FCA

24th June 2017

Peter James Witherall

21st June 2017

Elaine Mary O’Neill

21st June 2017

Kenneth Cox “Ken”

18th June 2017

Irene Diane Liquorish

17th June 2017

Kevin John Ryan

13th June 2017

Herbert Albert James Franks “Bert”

8th June 2017

Peter Southey Frances King

7th June 2017

Terence Alan Sales “Terry”

6th June 2017

Kenneth Douglas Whitby “Ken”

5th June 2017

Dorothy Winifred Smith

3rd May 2017

Iris Mary Russell

31st May 2017

Lawrence Edwin Skilton “Laurie”

30th May 2017

Marjorie Mary Botting

30th May 2017

Ivy Florence Wright

27th May 2017

Maureen Patricia Ives

19th May 2017

Clifford John Evans “Cliff”

14th May 2017

Gordon Edward Wilson

10th May 2017

Dennis Ford

10th May 2017

Pamela Susan Collier “Pam”

10th May 2017

John Victor Parratt

5th May 2017

Deborah Elaine Beatrice Rose Comber

3rd May 2017

Ricarda Chapman

18th April 2017

Georgina Beatrice Hammond “Jean”

8th April 2017

Daniel James Christmas

8th April 2017

Elizabeth Marjory Hall “Betty”

5th April 2017

William John Perry “John”

4th April 2017

Christine Elizabeth Gardner “Chrissy”

3rd April 2017

Vivienne Joan Chatfield

1st April 2017

Alice Braybrook

30th April 2017

Agnes Ray Bowman “Ray”

30th April 2017

Christopher Knight “Chris”

28th April 2017

Maureen Swinton Bland

26th April 2017

Stella Dorothy Stubbings

24th April 2017

Kenneth Thomas Fry “Ken”

22nd April 2017

Kirsten Lindahl Chetty

21st April 2017

Patricia Alice Dodd “Pat”

21st April 2017

Kenneth Alfred Rumble “Ken”

21st April 2017

George Henry James Mortiboys

20th April 2017

Christine Sonko

19th April 2017

Elizabeth Mary Grendon Sharp “Liz”

31st March 2017

Joan Penelope Wicks “Penny”

29th March 2017

Agnes Minnie Thackeray

28th March 2017

Alan Stuart Tomkinson

28th March 2017

Alfred Simmonds “Alf”

28th March 2017

Kenneth Richard Bennett

27th March 2017

June Gwendolen Theresa Robinson

25th March 2017

Edith Harvey

24th March 2017

Florence Jessie Critchlow

24th March 2017

Helen Brown Smith

24th March 2017

Dorothy Georgina Rice

22nd March 2017

Robin Newman “Rob”

20th March 2017

Anthony David Vaughan “Tony”

19th March 2017

Christopher Stephen Oake “Chris”

19th March 2017

Ronald M Maitland-Flanagan

18th March 2017

Leslie Flanagan “Les”

16th March 2017

Andrew Keith Meehan

8th March 2017

Stanley George Thorne “Stan”

7th March 2017

Eileen Gladys Standen

4th March 2017

Rose Ethel Gardner

3rd March 2017

Leonard James Nash

16th February 2017

“Bill” William Henry Dowsett

16th February 2017

Kokilaben Patel

14th February 2017

“Mick”Dennis Albert Brackpool

12th February 2017

Eric Richard Hulley

12th February 2017

Margaret Lorraine Petticrew

10th February 2017

“Ken” Kenneth Ernest Stovell

10th February 2017

“Anna” Megan Gwynneth Anna Palmerton

7th February 2017

Carol Ann Poole

6th February 2017

George Thomas Latham

5th February 2017

Olive Hotchkiss

4th February 2017

Irene May Reynolds

3rd February 2017

John Henry Pollard

1st February 2017

Pauline Bromwich

31st January 2017

“Vern” Vernon John Lambert

30th January 2017

“Bob” Robert Kenneally

25th January 2017

“Jenni” Jennifer Susan Hails

25th January 2017

Gisela Johanna Helene Lawrence

24th January 2017

“Allan” Cecil Aubrey Allan Berry

24th January 2017

John Frederick Wilkinson

23rd January 2017

John Kenneth Riley

22nd January 2017

Sharon Ausling Kettley

22nd January 2017

“Bob”Robert James Lees

18th January 2017

Helen Rosemary Young

17th January 2017

Mary Rose Powell

16th January 2017

David Lee

15th January 2017

Jean-Jacques Ernest Sinden

14th January 2017

Alice King

14th January 2017

David John Moody

13th January 2017

“Ray” Raymond James Byford

10th January 2017

Kenneth George Archer

9th January 2017

“Our Pete” Pete Ronald Gainey

9th January 2017

Philip Mc Kane

8th January 2017

John Wickham

8th January 2017

“Ron” Ronald Frederick Hofmann

7th January 2017

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