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Religious Funerals

A person’s spirituality or faith plays a huge part in who they are, which is why it’s important that this aspect of their life is a part of their funeral arrangements. At The Martins, family-owned funeral directors in Crawley, we provide religious funeral services for a range of religions, including:

  • Baptist

  • Buddhism

  • Catholicism

  • Church of England

  • Hinduism

  • Judaism

  • Muslim

  • Sikhism

Beliefs, values and customs can be reflected in their funeral and incorporated in a number of ways, from the use of songs, readings or a particular location. We provide supportive and compassionate religious funeral services to deliver a dignified and respectful service for your loved one.

Serving the community since 1967, you can rely on our experienced team for any support and advice you may require. If you wish to discuss religious funeral arrangements in Crawley and the local region, please contact us for assistance.