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Cremation Ashes Into Jewellery

When a loved one passes, how we choose to keep them with us is down to personal preference. While some might prefer to honour them privately through memory, others might want those memories to have some sort of physical manifestation – something that they can carry around with them and cherish.

Here at The Martins, we understand just how important this physical component can be to the process of bereavement, which is why we offer a cremation jewellery service to our local communities within Crawley and West Sussex. Using an array of different types of high-quality glass and memorial jewellery, we can bond the ashes of your loved one into a souvenir befitting their memory. Whether you opt for a cremation ring, memory necklace or locket is entirely up to you.

For more information, please visit the Ashes into Glass website, or please contact us. A member of our compassionate team would be happy to explain the process in detail.