Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

Christopher Siddall “Chris”

29th July 2017

Henry George Hedger “George”

29th July 2017

Phyllis Jean Voice “Jean”

4th July 2018

Marjorie Ella Maxwell

13th July 2018

Michael E G Oakshott

19th July 2018

William Watson Ranson “Bill”

19th July 2018

Maureen Janice Browning “Mo”

20th July 2018

Phyllis Alice Rose White

22nd July 2018

Evelyn May Martin

22nd July 2018

Marjorie Helena Taylor

23rd July 2018

Thomas James Roberts “Tom”

24th July 2018

Albert Frank Perriss “Bert”

25th July 2018

Frank Richard Humphreys

28th July 2018

Ena Pamela Mary Ryan

29th July 2018

David John Waclawek

20th July 2016

Leonard Frederick Procter

20th July 2016

Shantaben Raojibhai Patel

22nd July 2016

Linda Irene Campey

23rd July 2016

Neil Alexander Neil “Alex”

24th July 2016

Frank William Wickins

24th July 2016

John Norman Baister

25th July 2016

Thelma Hamilton Webb

26th July 2016

Sidney John Meadows Burch “John”

26th July 2016

Dorothy Florence Ward “Dot”

28th July 2016

Rose Lilian Raper

29th July 2016

Margaret Rose Jenden

30th July 2016

Gillian Margaret Pitt

1st July 2017

Sandra Ann Ashby

2nd July 2017

Phyllis Ellen Baylis “Phyl”

2nd July 2017

Anthony John Stephens “Tony”

3rd July 2017

John Sidney Rose

4th July 2017

Gladys Elizabeth Saville

7th July 2017

Stephen Weir

8th July 2017

Alan Peter Pulling “Peter”

12th July 2017

June Victoria Mahoney

14th July 2017

June Victoria Mahoney

14th July 2017

Harry Polkey

20th July 2017

David Marsden

20th July 2017

Ian Frank Caller

23rd July 2017

Lilian Matilda Boxall “Lily”

26th July 2014

Christine Andrea Lethbridge “Chris”

31st July 2014

John Arthur Hobby

1st July 2015

Sylvia May Morgan

8th July 2015

Maurice Anthony Hayward

14th July 2015

Christopher John Chart

16th July 2015

Molly Whitten

19th July 2015

Margaret North

24th July 2015

Gary Ronald Warren

25th July 2015

Geoffrey Ernest Alford “Geoff”

25th July 2015

Nina Ann Ford “Ann”

26th July 2015

John Arthur Archer

27th July 2015

Rose Marion Western

28th July 2015

Daniel Strong

25th July 2016

Joyce Mildred Southern

5th July 2016

Peter James Etherington “Pedro”

5th July 2016

Jean Lilian Mudway

8th June 2016

Mari Seymour Aristide

8th July 2016

Peter John Isaacs

10th July 2016

Rosa Maria L G Caneca

11th July 2016

David Alan Walker

11th July 2016

Ramon Ernest Whale

12th July 2016

Christine Sarah Carter “Chris”

13th July 2016

Donald John Seale “Don”

14th July 2016

Anne Billing “Angie”

8th July 2013

Kathleen Knowles

13th July 2013

Kiran Kantilal Desai

16th July 2013

Carl C Friedrich Schrade “Charlie”

19th July 2013

Enid Joy Edwards “Joy”

22nd July 2013

Celuia Mary Heath Ricketts

26th July 2013

Graeme Paul Kemp

31st July 2013

Michael John Yarnley

3rd July 2014

Margaret Gladys Bloomfield

5th July 2014

Reginald Bruce Holman

6th July 2014

Muriel Violet Cowle

7th July 2014

Jean Irene Gepheart

10th July 2014

Reginald George Cooper “Reggie”

10th July 2014

Jack Brook

14th July 2014

Thomas William Taylor

15th July 2014

Patricia Jean Taylor

15th July 2014

George Charles Terence Menear

15th July 2014

Maisie Popham

16th July 2014

Robert Ashley Reeves

17th July 2014

Pauline Gallagher

18th July 2014

Claude Alexis

21st July 2014

Michael John Matthews

22nd July 2014

Alan Frederick William Acteson

22nd July 2014

Jean Amy Icome

25th July 2014

John Patrick Cast

5th July 2012

Marite Sapiets

5th July 2012

Sidney Victor Harold Cann “Vic”

11th July 2012

Dilmohon Singh Ahluwalia

11th July 2012

Howard John Jacobs “Jake”

12th July 2012

Joyce Marie O’Ross

12th July 2012

Michael John Rose “Mick”

16th July 2012

Erica Franks

18th July 2012

Joyce Pamela Maxey

20th July 2012

Kathleen Hansard Farmiloe

22nd July 2012

Irene Florence J Hofmeister

25th July 2012

Johanna Edwards “Pat”

25th July 2012

Hayley Ann Gray

26th July 2012