Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

Rachel Sanders

29th November 2019

Anthony James Carey

29th November 2019

Jeanette Joan Stevens

28th November 2019

Annie Yarr Roberts

26th November 2019

Eileen Ethel Dawson

26th November 2019

John Anthony Hanlon

25th November 2019

Nicola Jane April Cassell

24th November 2019

Irene Kathleen Purnell

22nd November 2019

Eileen Elizabeth Seaman

21st November 2019

Gerald William White “Sid”

21st November 2019

Ronald Edward Cooper

20th November 2019

Lilian Rose Stevens

19th November 2019

Winifred Offler

18th November 2019

Alan Frederick Perrotten

13th November 2019

Raymond Matthews “Ray”

10th November 2019

Roy Peters

9th November 2019

Cassandra Lean Williams “Sandra”

5th November 2019

Leonard William Luck “Bill”

3rd November 2019

Dorothy Alma Rose Hobbs “Stevie”

2nd November 2019

Royston William Jenkins “Tim”

1st November 2019

Olivia Morris

10th November 2002

Terence James Brown “Terry”

10th November 2002

Henry Frederick Raab

7th November 2002

Alfred James Salter “Alf”

2nd November 2002

Anthony Leonard Langdon

1st November 2002

Elfriede Keattch

30th November 2001

Arthur John Baylis

29th November 2001

Wallace Henry Getgood

28th November 2001

William Noel Martin “Bill”

24th November 2001

Winifred Alice Parsons

21st November 2001

Jessie Frances West

18th November 2001

Laura Maud Telford-Smith

18th November 2001

Lorna McLeod

16th November 2001

Joyce Hewlett

15th November 2001

Ethel Bastable

15th November 2001

Patricia Doreen Wenham

14th November 2001

Lillian Lee

14th November 2001

John Angus Gardiner

13th November 2001

Winifred Lilian Wiles “Win”

9th November 2001

Sydney James Mitchell

4th November 2001