Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

Tony Percival Taylor

17th April 2018

Pamela Sue Pointer “Sue”

18th April 2018

Joseph W E Douglas MBE “Bill”

20th April 2018

Leonard Coleman “Len”

21st April 2018

Patricia Margaret Taylor “Pat”

25th April 2018

Margaret Lilian Bambridge “Peggy”

27th April 2018

Christine Sonko

19th April 2017

George Henry James Mortiboys

20th April 2017

Kenneth Alfred Rumble “Ken”

21st April 2017

Patricia Alice Dodd “Pat”

21st April 2017

Kirsten Lindahl Chetty

21st April 2017

Kenneth Thomas Fry “Ken”

22nd April 2017

Stella Dorothy Stubbings

24th April 2017

Maureen Swinton Bland

26th April 2017

Christopher Knight “Chris”

28th April 2017

Agnes Ray Bowman “Ray”

30th April 2017

Alice Braybrook

30th April 2017

Heather Ann Conroy

1st April 2018

Ricky Lee Miller

1st April 2018

Derrick James Scopes

2nd April 2018

Jean Mary Kendal

4th April 2018

Marjorie Teresa Gibb

6th April 2018

Joyce Mary Tilley “Joy”

7th April 2018

James William Huke “Jim”

7th April 2018

Carol Bernadette Roderick

8th April 2018

Christine Ann Baker “Chris”

9th April 2018

Joan Eileen Sands

10th April 2018

Victoria Alice Rhodes “Vicky”

14th April 2018

Brian Arthur Roderick

15th April 2018

Thomas Albert Moore “Albert”

16th April 2018

Reginald William Breagan

4th April 2016

Roy John Heather

4th April 2016

Audrey Ethel Wheway

6th April 2016

John Henry Warner

8th April 2016

Dennis Harrison “Ted”

8th April 2016

Valerie Joyce Watts

8th April 2016

Leonard Gordon Cliff

11th April 2016

Reginald Dennis Davey

12th April 2016

Leonard Thomas Hammond “Len”

17th April 2016

Douglas Bertram Last Holloway

19th April 2016

Marian Elsie Toms

20th April 2016

Jane Elizabeth Dorrell

21st April 2016

Ralph Stuart Harrison

22nd April 2016

Brinsley Ezekiel Nathaniel Daley

23rd April 2016

Marie Yolande Isoulindor

28th April 2016

Brian Arthur Brooks

29th April 2016

Anne Ward

30th April 2016

Vivienne Joan Chatfield

1st April 2017

Christine Elizabeth Gardner “Chrissy”

3rd April 2017

William John Perry “John”

4th April 2017

Elizabeth Marjory Hall “Betty”

5th April 2017

Daniel James Christmas

8th April 2017

Georgina Beatrice Hammond “Jean”

8th April 2017

Ricarda Chapman

18th April 2017

Benjamin John Bland “Ben”

28th April 2014

Joyce Peggy Davies

30th April 2014

Jean Margaret Egerton

3rd April 2015

Ralph Denis Leverington

5th April 2015

Ralph Mallard

9th April 2015

Dennis John Wells

9th April 2015

Christine Lilian Allen

9th April 2015

Mary Rose Impey

10th April 2015

Peggy Eileen Willmer

10th April 2015

Kenneth Norman George Lindsey

11th April 2015

Henry Thomas Venner

12th April 2015

Dorothy Eva Bale

13th April 2015

Frederick Jones

17th April 2015

Roy Peter Hedge

18th April 2015

Ivy Isabella Pateman

23rd April 2015

Margot Anne Marie Hemmings

24th April 2015

Daniel Martin Tidd “Dan”

24th April 2015

Evelyn Gray “Eve”

26th April 2015

Lynda Christina Kilby

27th April 2015

Pamela Coote “Pammy”

28th April 2015

Brian William John Fullagar

28th April 2015

Alexander Francis Simson “Alex”

29th April 2015

John Patrick Constable

2nd April 2016

Robert William Luff “Bob”

4th April 2016

Rita May Brown

5th April 2013

Harry Albert Denny

6th April 2013

Gerald Leslie Willmer

9th April 2013

Cecil Harold Catling

15th April 2013

Alice Allen “Terry”

15th April 2013

Henry Geoffrey Bartlett “Mick”

18th April 2013

John Stewart Williams

20th April 2013

Michael Derek Burt

21st April 2013

Joan Lilian Lucas

21st April 2013

John Douglas Bond

25th April 2013

Dennis William Green

26th April 2013

John William Morfett

29th April 2013

John Peter Smith

28th April 2014

Evelyn Westgate “Denise”

9th April 2014

Philip Walter Jones

14th April 2014

Alison Lesley Roberts

14th April 2014

Jean May

21st April 2014

Marjory Elizabeth Sugg

22nd April 2014

Francis Herbert Fosh

22nd April 2014

Irene Lilian Kirby

22nd April 2014

Edith Alice Nunn

23rd April 2014

Daouda Konate

23rd April 2014