Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

Valerie Huxter

20th March 2001

Phyllis Wild “Eileen”

2nd March 2002

George Edward Robinson

3rd March 2002

Edward George Bartlett “Ted”

3rd March 2002

Miriam Sheila Bain

3rd March 2002

Mary Stroud

5th March 2002

Arthur Edward Kingshott

9th March 2002

Dorothy Ruth Charlton

9th March 2002

Elsie Margaret Clayton

9th March 2002

Marjorie Hamer

12th March 2002

Leonard John Domaille

16th March 2002

Ernest Pearson “Ernie”

16th March 2002

Doris Beatrice Chenery

16th March 2002

George E C Gillett

17th March 2002

Peter Green

19th March 2002

Ann Frost

20th March 2002

Lajiawati Korpal

23rd March 2002

James A R Douglas

26th March 2002

Gladys Irene Evans

26th March 2002

Trevor Lancaster

27th March 2002

Ronald Fagg “Ron”

28th March 2002

Dorothy Irene Tones

30th March 2002

Phyllis Eileen Trotman

5th March 2003

Gertrude Ellen John

5th March 2003

Enid Claire Cunningham

5th March 2003

Phyllis Annie Kendall “Pat”

6th March 2003

Walter George Apps

9th March 2003

Olive Rosina Gow

9th March 2003

Doris Edith Phillips

10th March 2003

Charles James Steele

10th March 2003

Iris Christine Sawyer

10th March 2003

Cyril Edward Page

11th March 2003

Hilda Ann Hannah Beer

12th March 2003

Kenneth Stewart Green “Ken”

12th March 2003

Albert Douglas Sivyer “Doug”

17th March 2003

Rose Lilian Collinson

18th March 2003

Georgina Blechynden

20th March 2003

Robert William Purkiss “Bob”

22nd March 2003

Rona Mary Ingram

23rd March 2003

Evelyn Jean Clarke

23rd March 2003