Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

Julie Elaine Morris

28th June 2019

Peggy Alice Styles

28th June 2019

Terence Austin Nathan Craig

13th June 2019

Janet Reynolds

12th June 2019

Patricia Elizabeth Flack “Pat”

12th June 2019

Rosina Maud Handley “Rose”

14th June 2019

Timothy John Gardner

10th June 2019

Susan Shorey

12th June 2019

Joanna Tuck

9th June 2019

Roy Cyril Maxted

7th June 2019

Stanley Albert Woolford

6th June 2019

Albert Frederick Thompson

14th June 2019

Claire Francis

7th June 2019

Joan Louise Moore

4th June 2019

Jack Anthony Talbot “Tony”

4th June 2019

Joan Olive Rooke

23rd June 2018

Joseph William Bruce McQueen

23rd June 2018

John Charles Gardiner

23rd June 2018

Peter Colin Nolan

27th June 2018

Patricia Joan Gilson

30th June 2018

Kenneth Douglas Whitby “Ken”

5th June 2017

Terence Alan Sales “Terry”

6th June 2017

Peter Southey Frances King

7th June 2017

Herbert Albert James Franks “Bert”

8th June 2017

Kevin John Ryan

13th June 2017

Irene Diane Liquorish

17th June 2017

Kenneth Cox “Ken”

18th June 2017

Elaine Mary O’Neill

21st June 2017

Peter James Witherall

21st June 2017

Michael Reginald Durrant FCA

24th June 2017

Shirley Anne Wildy

27th June 2017

Timothy Michael McSharry “Tim”

28th June 2017

Lesley Beatrice Gaskins

7th June 2018

Kamla Ram-Henman “Kalma”

7th June 2018

Diane Lillian Gwendoline Widmark

9th June 2018

Vithalbhai Nai

10th June 2018

Kathleen Glenys Denton

14th June 2018

Beryl Louise Cuffley

15th June 2018

Christine Barbara Ecott

18th June 2018

Bernard John Hodgson

19th June 2018

Jean Dorothy Smith

19th June 2018

Vrujlal Bhukanbhai Khatri “Vijay”

20th June 2018

Jacqueline Coleman “Jackie”

22nd June 2018

Geoffrey Walter Munn “Geoff”

22nd June 2018

Doris Jane Imms “Jane”

24th June 2015

Harchand Singh Sidhu

24th June 2015

Ronald Edward Winter

27th June 2015

Anthony Barnes “Tony”

27th June 2015

Mavis Betty Madeley

28th June 2015

Barbara Dorothy Ruth Tupper

1st June 2016

John Alan Steward

1st June 2016

Cyril John Abbott

1st June 2016

Rukhmaniben Ghelabhai Desai

3rd June 2016

Cedric Charles Aspinall “Ric”

3rd June 2016

Robert John Pascoe “Bob”

7th June 2016

Evelyn Johnson

8th June 2016

Patricia Aline Caller “Pat”

9th June 2016

Shirley Ann Smith

10th June 2016

Vera Dorothy May Dullaway

15th June 2016

Mary Agnes Ashworth

15th June 2016

Violet Rose Bailey “Vi”

15th June 2016

Graham Douglas Bennett

19th June 2016

Denis Alfred Driver

19th June 2016

Yvonne Joan Bex

21st June 2016

Raymond Gower

25th June 2016

John Frederick Charles Tavner

29th June 2016

Lilian Mabel Parr “Lil”

30th June 2016

Nellie Grace Napper

4th June 2017

Ivy Lillian Clark

18th June 2014

Nigel David McKail Ritchie Calder

25th June 2014

Veronica Jean Sackman

25th June 2014

Miau Tung Pang “Richard”

25th June 2014

Leigh Stanley Vallom

27th June 2014

Ingeborg Marie Fuller

29th June 2014

Joan Dora Hill

30th June 2014

George Wiora

1st June 2015

Sidney Thomas Fox “Sid”

2nd June 2015

Tina Joanne Male

4th June 2015

Yvonne Siddall

7th June 2015

Dr John Keith Baigent

7th June 2015

Cyril Edmund Aldis

8th June 2015

Catherine Angela Manwill “Cathy”

8th June 2015

Sheila Mary Burns

10th June 2015

Mavis Elsie Poole

10th June 2015

Margery Barnard

11th June 2015

Thabo Gwemende

13th June 2015

Joyce Doreen Johnson

13th June 2015

Ann Elizabeth Ketley

16th June 2015

Sidney George Kirby “George”

17th June 2016

Charles McDermott “Charlie”

19th June 2015

Joan Mary Pulling

24th June 2015

Edna Mary Burrows

24th June 2015

Jill Elizabeth Martin

12th June 2013

Frances Patricia Banks-Broome

13th June 2013

Rose Ellen C Mennell

15th June 2013

Linda Deirdre Allum

17th June 2013

Lizzie Hudspith

20th June 2013

Joan Witherington

22nd June 2013

William Donald Awcock “Don”

23rd June 2013

Florence Maud Elson “Flo”

25th June 2013