Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

Judith Ann Aldridge

31st July 2019

Josephine Dorothy Watt

30th July 2019

Martin Leslie Jeffree

27th July 2019

Leslie George Dancaster

26th July 2019

Joyce Edith Burgess

26th July 2019

Graham George Brookes

26th July 2019

John David Oram

23rd July 2019

Daphne Barrs

23rd July 2019

Ernest Sydney Archer ‘Ernie’

23rd July 2019

David Kelly

21st July 2019

Peter Jan Hamilton Scott

19th July 2019

Dorothy Collins Parker

18th July 2019

Margaret E S D Constant

17th July 2019

Rose Edith Elizabeth Finch

16th July 2019

Shane M S Poynter

14th July 2019

Arthur Prendergast

13th July 2019

Carol Bridget Flack

11th July 2019

Jean Dye

10th July 2019

Eileen Dorothy Botting

10th July 2019

Edward Harry White

3rd July 2019

Daisy Beatrice Perry

7th July 2003

Gavin Stuart Rice

4th July 2003

Lynda Irene Rodgers

31st July 2002

Albert Richard Chapman “Bert”

30th July 2002

Ernest James Frederick Hall

30th July 2002

Thomas Joseph Curran “Tommy”

29th July 2002

Anthony Walker “Tony”

28th July 2002

Audrey Lillian Slade

26th July 2002

Oswald Denis Fancett “Dennis”

25th July 2002

Pamela Gertrude Jupp “Pam”

23rd July 2002

Ronald George Tracey “Ron”

23rd July 2002

Ralph Godfrey Wenham

21st July 2002

Anne Eleanor Rose

19th July 2002

Eric Charles Hambidge

16th July 2002

James F Strachan “Jim”

15th July 2002

Rukmani Srikanthi Perera

15th July 2002

Florence J M Thornton “Joyce”

14th July 2002

Phyllis Irene Edwards

8th July 2002

Christopher Robin Hicks “Chris”

8th July 2002

Margery Eileen Langridge

6th July 2002