Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance enables us to keep a record of our loved ones memory and to share with future generations. Our online Book of Remembrance allows all your family and friends to view the written memory anywhere in the world. Complimenting this we have a Book of Remembrance in the reception area of our premises where entries are placed on your behalf.

Daniel Adam Rhymes

2nd October 2019

Daniel Emerson Pattie Quacoe

2nd October 2019

Charles J F Killick

6th October 2019

June Cathreen King

9th October 2019

George David Phillips

10th October 2019

Ian Frank Davis

10th October 2019

Margaret Ann Turner

11th October 2019

June Doreen Mortlock

13th October 2019

Freda Cox

16th October 2019

Christophora Parrot Tado

17th October 2019

John Anthony Edgeley

18th October 2019

Joyce Dorothy Hales

18th October 2019

Joan Ellen Albon

19th October 2019

Tina Diane Shaw

22nd October 2019

Rev’d Margaret P Hanson

23rd October 2019

Kathleen Prigg

23rd October 2019

Keith Wash

25th October 2019

June Hawtin

27th October 2019

Rose Dorothy Thompson “Dot”

29th October 2019

Patricia Ellen McKenzie

6th October 2019

Raymond Frederick Owen “Ray”

31st October 2018

Rosina Skinner

31st October 2018

Roger Denyer

1st October 2017

June Auriol Tocker

10th October 2017

Waler Lionel Coles

14th October 2017

Lorna Brooks

1st January 1970

Dr Pamela Monica Beaumont

18th October 2017

Beryl Mary Henbery

20th October 2017

Glen Michael Gershkoff

20th October 2017

Sheila Jean Reagan

28th October 2017

Denis James Prince

30th October 2017

Rosemary Cole “Rosie”

1st October 2018

Dorothy Jean Margaret Jackson

5th October 2018

Krisztina Edit Stevenson “Christa”

7th October 2018

John James Simpson

8th October 2018

John Sidney Dart

10th October 2018

Jean Doris Shore

11th October 2018

Leslie Gordon Fairman “Les”

16th October 2018

Kushagra Sharma “Kush”

19th October 2018

Deborah Ann Pitts “Debbie”

23rd October 2018

Patricia Ann Hurnell

26th October 2018

Keith Bannerman

27th October 2018

Paula Jane Herring

27th October 2018

Paula Jane Herring

28th October 2018

Joy Norbury

28th October 2018

John William Hayes

30th October 2018

Rosemary Ann Smith

30th October 2018

Sonia Ann Whitby

19th October 2015

Sydney Presco Giles

19th October 2015

Roy Wells

19th October 2015

Irene Rose Peacock “Rene”

19th October 2015

Alfred Harvey “Alf”

22nd October 2015

Sidney Cecil Simmons

23rd October 2015

Irene Maud Gubby “Rene”

26th October 2015

Michael Hugh Grinyer

27th October 2015

Paul Anthony Walker

27th October 2015

Edna Janice Garner

1st October 2016

Filippus Voogt

3rd October 2016

William Arthur Edward Lynes “Bill”

3rd October 2016

Doreen Elsa Lench

3rd October 2016

Philip Doggett

11th October 2016

Barbara Decia MacLachlan

13th October 2016

Gary Herbert

15th October 2016

Celeste Hamilton White

17th October 2016

Kirirkumar Raojibhal Patel “Kirit”

18th October 2016

Rosemary Hemsley “Clare “

19th October 2016

Betty Dewar Hislop Forster

1st January 1970

Eileen May Trickey

23rd October 2016

Winifred Ivy Rose Francis “Win”

29th October 2019

John Austin

29th October 2016

Dorothy Wheatley “Dot”

30th October 2016

Peter Toth

7th October 2014

Charles Albert William Webb

8th October 2014

Edward John Spencer

13th October 2014

Doris Ellen Wilkins

14th October 2014

Raymond Ronald Ward “Ray”

15th October 2014

Brian Anthony Boorer

16th October 2014

Paul John Britton

20th October 2014

Adrian Vincent Palmer

22nd October 2014

Leslie Arthur Algate “Les”

25th October 2014

Thomas George Elms

25th October 2014

Richard Chapman “Dick” 100% Perfect

27th October 2014

Jacqueline Ann Higgins

27th October 2014

Juliet Patricia Sleat “Julie”

28th October 2014

Shirley Helen Walker

28th October 2014

Shardaben Patel

29th October 2014

Nora Rosina Spencer

30th October 2014

Dorothy Agnes Adamson

2nd October 2015

Donald Ernest Vallance

3rd October 2015

Joan Doreen Bateman

9th October 2015

Edward James William Watson

9th October 2015

Gordon Albert Barnett

9th October 2015

Sylvy Chery

14th October 2015

Therese Franziska Hughes “Ursula”

15th October 2015

Gwendoline Bourne

16th October 2015

Jeffrey Alan Hibbert

10th October 2013

Sydney Walter Naylor

11th October 2013

Eileen Margaret Herring

13th October 2013

Ann Dickel

17th October 2013

Stephen Thomas Watson “Steve”

19th October 2013