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Ian Martin Golledge

30th December 2022

Doreen Winifred Hedge

29th December 2022

Ann Mary Christmas

29th December 2022

Violet Elizabeth Matthews

27th December 2022

Harshida Khakhar

27th December 2022

Patricia Olive Green

22nd December 2022

Angela Jane Poynter

19th December 2022

Steven Hendry Stanley

17th December 2022

Margaret Patricia Victory Howells

16th December 2022

Moira Lynn Tracey MBE

13th December 2022

Helen Edith Bailey

12th December 2022

Ian John Parkinson

11th December 2022

Emily Taylor

10th December 2022

Barbara Nixon

10th December 2022

George Edward Loftus

10th December 2022

Alan Parker

9th December 2022

John Mark Alvaro ‘Mark’

8th December 2022

Elizabeth Louise Upton

5th December 2022

Rita Anderson

1st December 2022

Geoffrey Rowsell

22nd November 2022

Helena De

22nd November 2022

Raymond Charles Wood

17th November 2022

Elaine Manley

16th November 2022

Baby Messiah Florian

14th November 2022

Alice Mary Ann Charlotte Weselby

10th November 2022

Albert William Pincham

10th November 2022

Delia Bernadette Pashen ‘Della’

10th November 2022

Dora Thelma Malone

9th November 2022

Eilidh Grace Isobel Locker-Lampson

5th November 2022

Evelyn Victoria Elizabeth Toleman

4th November 2022

Robert Ferguson Brotherston ‘Bob’

31st October 2022

Shirley Margaret Clements

28th October 2022

Julie Marie Bailey ‘Jules’

28th October 2022

Heather Dorothy Thomson

25th October 2022

Graham Charles Gaylard

25th October 2022

John Saunders

19th October 2022

Winifred Vera Wishart

12th October 2022

John Leslie Phillips

6th October 2022

Marilyn Janet Lake

4th October 2022

Jane Elizabeth Seal

3rd October 2022

Daphne Rosemary White

29th September 2022

Pauline Joan Payne

22nd September 2022

Amelia Priscilla Harvey

13th September 2022

Daxaben Amin

13th September 2022

Valerie Bender ‘Val’

12th September 2022

Dorothy Doodson

11th September 2022

Lydia Mary Wickens

4th September 2022

James Ferris Baxter ‘Jim’

4th September 2022

Elsa Marian Tancock

31st August 2022

Alan James Read

31st August 2022

Lora Dora Chatfield

29th August 2022

William Thomas Taylor ‘Bill’

27th August 2022

Muriel Elizabeth Rands

25th August 2022

Alan George Bristow

18th August 2022

Vashti Yeabsley

17th August 2022

Patricia Margaret Noakes ‘Pat’

17th August 2022

Yasmin Irene Mary Haynes

15th August 2022

Richard Keith Davey

15th August 2022

Valerie Anne Merritt ‘Val’

12th August 2022

Jean Mary Price

11th August 2022

Filipe Barreira

7th August 2022

Ernest Brian Horsewell ‘Brian’

4th August 2022

Stewart Neville Grainger

30th May 2022

Richard William David Hards

29th July 2022

Judith Valerie Ann Martin

24th July 2022

Ann Sylvia Crook

24th July 2022

Barbara Eileen Youlten

22nd July 2022

Edward Robert Barton

21st July 2022

Robert James Sharp

19th July 2022

Ellen Ann Gumbley

7th July 2022

Duncan John Willis Stewart

6th July 2022

Keith Tedder

5th July 2022

Margaret Crompton Blackmore

4th July 2022

June Mary Sinclair

3rd July 2022

Edward William Warrington

2nd July 2022

Pauline Sandra Swaine

1st July 2022

Trevor Aloysius Thayre

29th June 2022

Peter John Leslie Tyler

30th June 2022

Jean Gwendoline Bovis

29th June 2022

May Ellen Coffield

27th June 2022

Neil Trevor Richards

24th June 2022

Robert Randolph Reynold Hicks

22nd June 2022

Kenneth Edward Robinson ‘Billy’

21st June 2022

Jaqueline ‘Jackie’ Sargeant

20th June 2022

Georgina Margaret Wright

13th June 2022

Mary Patricia Keogh

13th June 2022

Benito Lizardo Quilao

10th June 2022

George Arthur Williams

10th June 2022

Rose Florence Reeves

7th June 2022

Daphne Iris Crunden

4th June 2022

Lindsey Allison Bennett

27th May 2022

Constance Alice Poynter

28th May 2022

June Margaret Dinnage

27th May 2022

Rita Chapman

27th May 2022

Richard Anthony Burgan

27th May 2022

Joan Olive Martin

25th May 2022

Angela Joan Hughes

25th May 2022

Roy Albert Chorley

24th May 2022

Fredrick Charles William Crook

22nd May 2022

Peter John Harrison

21st May 2022

Jean Collins

20th May 2022

Ann Bridgman

19th May 2022

Edna Lilian Ashby

15th May 2022

Sandra Kathleen Davies

13th May 2022

Vernon Richard Arnett

12th May 2022

Maria Isabel Almada Ferreira

11th May 2022

Pauline Josephine Margold Wilson

10th May 2022

Peter William Turner

8th May 2022

John Edwin Budding

5th May 2022

Barry Ernest Montgomery Brown

4th May 2022

Claude Maskell

2nd May 2022

Ann Buck

1st May 2022

Monica Simpson

15th April 2022

Savitri Patel

29th April 2022

Brian Helm

29th April 2022

Evelyn Dorris Ann Harrison

28th April 2022

Leonie Grace Jones

25th April 2022

Winifired Kate Poulton “Win”

24th April 2022

Michel Antoine Florian

24th April 2022

Jennifer Joan Deacon

24th April 2022

Jill Ellen Stoodley

23rd April 2022

Fred Reeves

23rd April 2022

Richard John William Purnell

22nd April 2022

George Charles O’Flanagan

21st April 2022

Maureen Margaret Cowie

19th April 2022

Brenda Laura Wright

18th April 2022

Lorretta Bernadette Walsh

16th April 2022

Jack Kingston Gregory

15th April 2022

Rosina Patricia Packer

14th April 2022

Maureen Ivy King

14th April 2022

Jean Mary Dodson

13th April 2022

Irene McMahon

13th April 2022

Robert Dow

13th April 2022

Trevor Stephen Kite

12th April 2022

Kenneth Gordon Smith

11th April 2022

Jean Pellett

10th April 2022

Kim Camps

10th April 2022

Jeanette Ann Robinson

8th April 2022

David Paul Newman

8th April 2022

William John Martin

4th April 2022

Irene Elizabeth Lowe

4th April 2022

Joyce Mary Brand

31st March 2022

Patricia Hannah Bevan Muggeridge

31st March 2022

Patrick John Ferris

30th March 2022

Gillian Wilkinson “Jill”

28th March 2022

Walter Patrick Waterhouse “Pat”

27th March 2022

Walter Patrick Waterhouse “Pat”

27th March 2022

Mary Sheelagh Barclay

26th March 2022

Paul Reginald Hawkins

25th March 2022

Rosemary Bessie Ann McAuley

24th March 2022

Kathleen Mary Roome “Kathy”

23rd March 2022

Susan Tricker

18th March 2022

Raymond Darlington “Ray”

17th March 2022

Betty Ladley

15th March 2022

Barry Frederick Thomas Burgess

12th March 2022

Ronald George Chilvers

10th March 2022

Ian Steven Burroughs

6th March 2022

Barry Dennis Slater

23rd February 2022

Audrey Winifred Hortin

24th February 2022

Kevin Robert Bray

23rd February 2022

David John Wheatley

18th February 2022

Mary Ellen Reeves

13th February 2022

Amy Louise Bentley

11th February 2022

Susan Elizabeth Manuel

7th February 2022

Shirley Joan Piper

1st February 2022

Shannon Lorraine Vincent

1st February 2022

Kenneth Roy Ellis ‘Kenny’

29th January 2022

Ronald Harry Guy Ogle

27th January 2022

Agostinho Dias Caldeira

25th January 2022

David James Webber

25th January 2022

Jack Jason Harris

24th January 2022

Nina Mary White

22nd January 2022

Juliet Mary Mansfield-Clark

22nd January 2022

David James Weir

21st January 2022

Frederick George Belton

16th January 2022

Clare Marie Burrows

14th January 2022

Jacqueline Mary Bedford

13th January 2022

Christopher Ernest Henry Martin ‘Chris’

12th January 2022

Elena Sandhu

11th January 2022

Ian Ross Barron

11th January 2022

Robert William Funnell ‘Bob’

5th January 2022

Michael John Martin Cole

5th January 2022

Angel Eduardo Guerra Bedoya

5th January 2022

Sandra Doreen Gurd

4th January 2022

Alexandra Gladys May Mair ‘Dolly’

3rd January 2022

Audrey May Fuller

2nd January 2022

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