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Garry Michael Britton

26th December 2014

Florence Dainty “Betty”

25th December 2014

Elsie Josephine Bayliss “Topsy”

24th December 2014

Louisa Violet Smith

24th December 2014

Kathleen Valerie Tovey “Kay”

22nd December 2014

John Richard Hilton

22nd December 2014

Lionel Bernard Lyons

21st December 2014

Betty Green

18th December 2014

Lilian Beatrice Feltham

17th December 2014

John Loosemore

17th December 2014

Ronald Richard Greenwood “Ron”

16th December 2014

Brian James Fleming

16th December 2014

John Kevin Jones

15th December 2014

Gillian Elizabeth Busby

14th December 2014

Cyril Albert Cole

11th December 2014

Pauline Sarah Ann Crook

8th December 2014

Sarah Ellen Skinner “Eleanor”

7th December 2014

Florence Margaret Sale

5th December 2014

Donald Thomas Coulson “Don”

30th December 2014

Irene Maud Nunn

30th November 2014

Elizabeth Mary Carmen “Betty”

29th November 2014

Ethel Elizabeth Bull

28th November 2014

Michael Wallace Leigh

26th November 2014

Colin Quaife

25th November 2014

Jack Leonard Rawlinson

24th November 2014

Peter Charles Cole

21st November 2014

Patricia Ann Walker

19th November 2014

Marie Irene Marshall

19th November 2014

John Glenister

11th November 2014

Albert Francis Tony Loveday

10th November 2014

Arthur George Wood

9th November 2014

Louis Dervillie Permal

9th November 2014

Joan May Rowe

7th November 2014

Roy Fairbourn

3rd November 2014

Kenneth Arthur Collins “Ken”

6th October 2014

Cyril Anthony Smith “Tony”

6th October 2014

Ann Julie Silverson

4th October 2014

June Kathleen Mortiboys

3rd October 2014

Dorothy May Austin

3rd October 2014

Reginald Derek Gazzard “Reg”

2nd October 2014

Maureen Dowling

1st October 2014

Emily Selina Harriett-Norris

1st October 2014

Nora Rosina Spencer

30th October 2014

Shardaben Patel

29th October 2014

Shirley Helen Walker

28th October 2014

Juliet Patricia Sleat “Julie”

28th October 2014

Jacqueline Ann Higgins

27th October 2014

Richard Chapman “Dick” 100% Perfect

27th October 2014

Thomas George Elms

25th October 2014

Leslie Arthur Algate “Les”

25th October 2014

Adrian Vincent Palmer

22nd October 2014

Paul John Britton

20th October 2014

Brian Anthony Boorer

16th October 2014

Raymond Ronald Ward “Ray”

15th October 2014

Doris Ellen Wilkins

14th October 2014

Edward John Spencer

13th October 2014

Charles Albert William Webb

8th October 2014

Peter Toth

7th October 2014

Elizabeth Dorothy C Ellis

29th September 2014

Shelley Jane Lindup

27th September 2014

Chloe Ann Carey

25th September 2014

Jacqueline Smoker

24th September 2014

Norman Harold Michael

22nd September 2014

Doris Eileen Rosemary Sparshott

20th September 2014

Lily Eleanor Rouse

19th September 2014

Rosie Beatrice Jones

18th September 2014

Joan Hinton “Sheila”

17th September 2014

John Frederick Barnes “Barney”

16th September 2014

Margurita Rozario “Lois”

15th September 2014

John George Blackmore

14th September 2014

Violet Eileen Manley “Sally”

14th September 2014

Lilian Edith Millis “lily”

13th September 2014

Philip Edward Jackson

12th September 2014

John Douglas Burgham

11th September 2014

Gladys Florence Holman

31st August 2014

Ronald Ernest Foster ‘Ron’

31st August 2014

Susan Alison Oram

27th August 2014

Kenneth James Sharpe

24th August 2014

Lila Patricia Davey

21st August 2014

Stanley Alexander Barron

19th August 2014

Raymond Kenneth Surridge

15th August 2014

Joyce Lilian Down ‘Joy’

9th August 2014

Richard Henry Purvis

8th August 2014

David Vernon Hill ‘Vernon’

6th August 2014

Valerie Rose Sherwood ‘Val’

5th August 2014

Frank Charles Beckley

3rd August 2014

Barbara Barnett

1st August 2014

Violet Elizabeth Cloves

1st August 2014

Jean Amy Icome

25th July 2014

Alan Frederick William Acteson

22nd July 2014

Michael John Matthews

22nd July 2014

Claude Alexis

21st July 2014

Pauline Gallagher

18th July 2014

Robert Ashley Reeves

17th July 2014

Maisie Popham

16th July 2014

George Charles Terence Menear

15th July 2014

Patricia Jean Taylor

15th July 2014

Thomas William Taylor

15th July 2014

Jack Brook

14th July 2014

Reginald George Cooper “Reggie”

10th July 2014

Jean Irene Gepheart

10th July 2014

Muriel Violet Cowle

7th July 2014

Reginald Bruce Holman

6th July 2014

Margaret Gladys Bloomfield

5th July 2014

Michael John Yarnley

3rd July 2014

Christine Andrea Lethbridge “Chris”

31st July 2014

Lilian Matilda Boxall “Lily”

26th July 2014

Louis Luc Jules

17th June 2014

Alessandro Mucci

16th June 2014

Albert Frederick Jordan

14th June 2014

Edna May Ablett

14th June 2014

Gillian Oakeshott

13th June 2014

Linzie Michele Foulkes

13th June 2014

Patricia Methven “Pat”

12th June 2014

Robert Joseph Witherington “Bob”

10th June 2014

Umberto Vittorio Santaniello “Victor”

10th June 2014

Muriel Edith Clarke

9th June 2014

Eileen Patricia Brown

9th June 2014

Eric Ronald Cecil Harmer

8th June 2014

Olive Maggie Pascoe

3rd June 2014

Joan Dora Hill

30th June 2014

Ingeborg Marie Fuller

29th June 2014

Leigh Stanley Vallom

27th June 2014

Miau Tung Pang “Richard”

25th June 2014

Veronica Jean Sackman

25th June 2014

Nigel David McKail Ritchie Calder

25th June 2014

Ivy Lillian Clark

18th June 2014

Brian Althorpe Reynolds

3rd May 2014

John Michael Manwill

3rd May 2014

Jean May Carpenter

31st May 2014

Vernon Sparks Rowe

28th May 2014

Phillippe Tiatous

28th May 2014

Leonard West “Len”

28th May 2014

Janet Maureen Sales

26th May 2014

John Simpson Raper “Jack”

26th May 2014

Lewis Alexander Walkey

23rd May 2014

Ann Patricia French “Pat”

19th May 2014

Richard Terry Green

19th May 2014

Geoffrey William Champion “Geoff”

17th May 2014

Haydyn Meyrick

17th May 2014

Irenee Anne Walters

14th May 2014

Olive Rosalie Ann Penston

13th May 2014

William Thomas Oliver

8th May 2014

Irene May Baulk “Rene”

7th May 2014

Amy Edith Heath “Auntie”

5th May 2014

Florence May Norris

26th April 2014

Clive Henry Cornell

25th April 2014

Daouda Konate

23rd April 2014

Edith Alice Nunn

23rd April 2014

Irene Lilian Kirby

22nd April 2014

Francis Herbert Fosh

22nd April 2014

Marjory Elizabeth Sugg

22nd April 2014

Jean May

21st April 2014

Alison Lesley Roberts

14th April 2014

Philip Walter Jones

14th April 2014

Evelyn Westgate “Denise”

9th April 2014

John Peter Smith

28th April 2014

Joyce Peggy Davies

30th April 2014

Benjamin John Bland “Ben”

28th April 2014

Leslie Stanley Buskin

20th March 2014

Shirley Ann Spalding

17th March 2014

Margaret Oakley “Joy”

15th March 2014

Sharon Angela O’Hara

12th March 2014

Neil Christopher Stone

11th March 2014

Stephen Charles Sharp

11th March 2014

Lisa Maria Watling

9th March 2014

Shirley Margaret E Kingswood

9th March 2014

Kay Shaw

7th March 2014

Linda Maureen Taylor “Lin”

6th March 2014

Janet Elizabeth Mann

6th March 2014

June Rose Drew

6th March 2014

Leonard William How

5th March 2014

Elizabeth Ann Well “Betty”

4th March 2014

Alfred Norman Harrison

3rd March 2014

Bruce John Gardner

3rd March 2014

Diana Mary Edwards

2nd March 2014

Peter James Kearsey

1st March 2014

Kathleen Stella Joyce O’Hara

30th March 2014

George Edwin Lemendin “Squash”

29th March 2014

Olive Gloria Chapman

29th March 2014

Anthony John Cooper “Tony”

28th March 2014

Pushpa Ben Patel

28th March 2014

Michael Charles Chapman “Mick”

28th March 2014

Edna May Jean Lewer

27th March 2014

Demi Louise Wall

26th March 2014

Rose Mattey Emmett

25th February 2014

“Mick” Michael Robert Grant

22nd February 2014

Joan Elsie Poplett

21st February 2014

Rose Forrest

20th February 2014

Maureen Margaret Abbott

19th February 2014

Peter Charles Crowhurst

18th February 2014

“Steve” Steven Frederick Payne

17th February 2014

Helen Patricia Gatt

14th February 2014

“Len” Leonard James Matthews

13th February 2014

Paul Daniel Bussey

13th February 2014

Kathleen Starr

12th February 2014

Peter O’Shea

10th February 2014

“Val” Valerie Jose Smith

10th February 2014

“Reg” Reginald William Nash

10th February 2014

George Murphy

10th February 2014

Maria T T Azevedo Teodoro

31st January 2014

“Kath” Kathleen Mary Budgen

31st January 2014

Maria “Da Silva” Lofting

30th January 2014

Marion Barnes

25th January 2014

Ernie Pratt

24th January 2014

George Overs Downie

24th January 2014

Brian Robert Mullett

24th January 2014

Sybil Margaret Clark

24th January 2014

David William Sargeant

19th January 2014

Vera May Warren

18th January 2014

Joan Alice Steffens

18th January 2014

Albert George Allen

15th January 2014

Barbara Cooke

14th January 2014

George James John Swandale

13th January 2014

Annie Weller

12th January 2014

“Marge” Margaret Ellen Taylor

11th January 2014

Audrey Peggy Smith

10th January 2014

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