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Monica Ann Finch

22nd December 2013

Pamela Christine Curran

22nd December 2013

Hazel May Hamilton

22nd December 2013

Roy Arthur Barnett

21st December 2013

Vimlaben Vinubhai Patel

21st December 2013

Jason Christopher Simmonds

18th December 2013

Jean Newbury

15th December 2013

Sylvia Freda Wilson

11th December 2013

Kathleen Matilda Cousins “Kitty”

10th December 2013

Jean Strivens

9th December 2013

Irene Ethel Nevill

3rd December 2013

Margaret Anne Helm

2nd December 2013

Doreen Ruby Lillywhite

31st December 2013

George Alfred Hill

1st January 1970

Eric Sidney Lewis

27th December 2013

Patricia M A Joste-Gold “Pat”

27th December 2013

Terence Anthony Baynes

26th December 2013

Mavis Dorothy Butterworth

26th December 2013

Keith Frisby

27th November 2013

Percey Victor Puttick

25th November 2013

Natalie Anne Hasler

25th November 2013

Marie Fullick “Betty”

24th November 2013

Dennis George Cradduck

23rd November 2013

Derek George Parsons

22nd November 2013

Terence Richard Goddard “Terry”

18th November 2013

Thomas Joseph Clarke “Tommy”

16th November 2013

Edna May Robinson

16th November 2013

Eileen Millicent Gingham

14th November 2013

Geraldine Waters “Gerri”

13th November 2013

Wendy Alexandra Parkes

12th November 2013

Jeffrey Spearing

11th November 2013

George Stanley Davis

10th November 2013

John Dennis Bennett

8th November 2013

Eileen Rose Aldridge

5th November 2013

Edward Richard Wishart “Ted”

5th November 2013

Dr Philip Stewart Rolland

5th November 2013

Gladys Violet Peacock

4th November 2013

William Kendall “Brian”

4th November 2013

Edith Gawtrey “Edie”

2nd November 2013

Pamela Limbert

30th November 2013

John William George Mobbs “Mobbsey”

29th November 2013

Sarah Ann Breagan

28th November 2013

Peggy Marina Boorer

10th October 2013

Sylvia Kathleen White

10th October 2013

Ethel Brewer “Nanny B”

9th October 2013

Harold Leslie Boxall

7th October 2013

Sydney Smith

6th October 2013

Sylvia Morcelle S Hughes

6th October 2013

Margaret Anne Johnson

5th October 2013

Constance Patricia Beazley

5th October 2013

Wyndham Frederick Nippers

5th October 2013

Irene Tedder “Peggy”

5th October 2013

Lee John tullett

2nd October 2013

John Harvey

1st October 2013

Florence Elizabeth Traylen “Betty”

31st October 2013

Ida Doris Farr

30th October 2013

Mary Joan Knevett

30th October 2013

Nellie Wallace

28th October 2013

Dora Nellie Brown

28th October 2013

Patrick Joseph Shannon

27th October 2013

Joyce Moats

23rd October 2013

Elizabeth Saunders “Liz”

22nd October 2013

Hilda May Paul

22nd October 2013

Vera Gwendoline Ellmers

20th October 2013

Stephen Thomas Watson “Steve”

19th October 2013

Ann Dickel

17th October 2013

Eileen Margaret Herring

13th October 2013

Sydney Walter Naylor

11th October 2013

Jeffrey Alan Hibbert

10th October 2013

Grace Evelyn Peters

30th September 2013

Sylvia Joyce Starling “Sue”

27th September 2013

Pritam Kaur

23rd September 2013

Shirley Elizabeth R Turner

20th September 2013

Violet Doreen Fuller

20th September 2013

Mary Rosina Florence Patson

20th September 2013

Steven George Palmer

20th September 2013

Felicity Mary Rolland

19th September 2013

Robert Francis Duffin “Bob”

17th September 2013

Robert Michael Atkins “Bobby”

17th September 2013

Royston Eric Pearce

11th September 2013

Joyce Christina Lee

11th September 2013

Jessie Bennett

11th September 2013

Ronald Frederick Finch

9th September 2013

Irene Gladys Burbridge

9th September 2013

Phillip Kalvin Smallridge

8th September 2013

Peter Bendall “Hookey”

7th September 2013

Maisie Maud Forrest

4th September 2013

Dorothy Betty Trumpeter

4th September 2013

Joan Elizabeth Clapp

3rd September 2013

Arthur Frederick Hales

21st August 2013

David Edward Mudway

21st August 2013

Edward Victor Raines ‘Ted’

20th August 2013

Pauline Brooker

19th August 2013

Roy David Naish

18th August 2013

William Muirhead ‘Craig’

16th August 2013

John Charles Taylor

14th August 2013

Peter John Evans

14th August 2013

Sally Jane Eaton

11th August 2013

Carol Gay Baverstock

9th August 2013

Robert William Bentley ‘Bob’

7th August 2013

Doreen Florence Brooker

4th August 2013

Heather Dora Barker

3rd August 2013

Kim Russell

30th August 2013

Elizabeth Trivett ‘Merle’

30th August 2013

Darryl Bobby Robinson

27th August 2013

Phyllis Hetty Mitchell ‘Phyl’

26th August 2013

Gordon William White

26th August 2013

Margaret Jessica Taylor

26th August 2013

Edith Mary Stuchbury

26th August 2013

Linda Ann Evans

25th August 2013

Pamela Doreen Albas ‘Pam’

21st August 2013

Audrey Clout

8th July 2013

Emily Lilian Tobin

8th July 2013

Helen Jane Peacock

7th July 2013

Peggy Hazel Keenlyside

7th July 2013

Florence Irene Casson “Rene”

6th July 2013

Robert Melvyn John Wood “Rob”

6th July 2013

Alfred James McClatchey

4th July 2013

Beryl Winifred Shirley

3rd July 2013

Frederick Wiliam Walton

1st July 2013

Mary Bradshaw

1st July 2013

Graeme Paul Kemp

31st July 2013

Celuia Mary Heath Ricketts

26th July 2013

Enid Joy Edwards “Joy”

22nd July 2013

Carl C Friedrich Schrade “Charlie”

19th July 2013

Kiran Kantilal Desai

16th July 2013

Kathleen Knowles

13th July 2013

Anne Billing “Angie”

8th July 2013

Peter Charles Rouse

12th June 2013

John David Atholl Bottomley

10th June 2013

Helen B A Lisney

9th June 2013

Paul Pearce

7th June 2013

Edith Eileen Barnett

6th June 2013

Edward Ernest Ronald Clarke “Ron”

6th June 2013

Frank John Godbold

4th June 2013

Carole Pamela Jones

2nd June 2013

Ronald George Smith “Ron”

30th June 2013

Barbara Joan East

28th June 2013

Peter Thomas Johnson

27th June 2013

Florence Maud Elson “Flo”

25th June 2013

William Donald Awcock “Don”

23rd June 2013

Joan Witherington

22nd June 2013

Lizzie Hudspith

20th June 2013

Linda Deirdre Allum

17th June 2013

Rose Ellen C Mennell

15th June 2013

Frances Patricia Banks-Broome

13th June 2013

Jill Elizabeth Martin

12th June 2013

Marguerita J B Pegram

31st May 2013

Thomas McGowan “Tom”

29th May 2013

Kathleen Gladys Muriel Whiting

29th May 2013

Jean Margaret Collinson

28th May 2013

Gordon Marrs

27th May 2013

June Rose Annie Dillon

27th May 2013

Lilian Dahlia Standen “Lil”

25th May 2013

Margaret Ann Baker

25th May 2013

Gareth Christopher Payne

24th May 2013

Cornelius Patrick Sullivan “Con”

24th May 2013

Winifred Sansum Carter

24th May 2013

Lily Barbara Twiner

23rd May 2013

Julian Alan Glazier “Alan”

19th May 2013

Ann Paganuzzi

15th May 2013

John Sumner

14th May 2013

Bertram Charles Thompson “Tommy”

9th May 2013

Dennis R H Grayson

2nd May 2013

Phyllis Joan Greener

1st May 2013

Violet C Muggeridge

4th April 2013

Stephen John Dean “Steve”

4th April 2013

John William Morfett

29th April 2013

Dennis William Green

26th April 2013

John Douglas Bond

25th April 2013

Joan Lilian Lucas

21st April 2013

Michael Derek Burt

21st April 2013

John Stewart Williams

20th April 2013

Henry Geoffrey Bartlett “Mick”

18th April 2013

Alice Allen “Terry”

15th April 2013

Cecil Harold Catling

15th April 2013

Gerald Leslie Willmer

9th April 2013

Harry Albert Denny

6th April 2013

Rita May Brown

5th April 2013

Jeffrey Leonard Attwood

16th March 2013

Maureen Ann Bendall

15th March 2013

Pamela Nora Costar

14th March 2013

Noel Brian Cummins

13th March 2013

Albert Ernest Marshall “Ernie”

11th March 2013

Barbara Heather Yetman

9th March 2013

Iris Ethel Roffler

7th March 2013

Eileen Rose Lyford

4th March 2013

Lucy Mabel Abbott

4th March 2013

George Chapman

3rd March 2013

Marion Kelly

1st March 2013

Richard John Blake

1st March 2013

Henry Thomas Willis “Tom”

30th March 2013

Irene May Landen

29th March 2013

Kenneth Thomas Stevens “Ken”

26th March 2013

Ronald Douglas H Lashmar “Ron”

25th March 2013

Margaret Lucy Heriot “Maggie”

18th March 2013

Michael Gordon Dore

16th March 2013

Maxene Ann Rumer Huntley

28th February 2013

“Bob”Henry Charles North

27th February 2013

Raymond Edward Holmes

26th February 2013

Vera Patricia Lyon

25th February 2013

Sheila Margaret Doreen Baker

24th February 2013

Rosina Waters

23rd February 2013

Kathleen Pennell

22nd February 2013

Derek Arthur Worrall

21st February 2013

Leslie Sidney King

21st February 2013

“Steve” Stephen Arthur Charles Henbery

19th February 2013

Ilona Szerp

19th February 2013

Leslie James Wright

18th February 2013

Jean Kitty Simmons

17th February 2013

Jean Bamforth

17th February 2013

“Bill” William Joseph Bowler

16th February 2013

Harbans Kaur Bansel

15th February 2013

George Henry Hirsch

15th February 2013

“Jim” James Reid

12th February 2013

Reginald Edward Wicks

12th February 2013

Reginald Henry A Peters

10th February 2013

Eileen Walker

10th February 2013

“Betty”Ethel Margaret Woolford

8th February 2013

Maureen Anne King

8th February 2013

Michael David Foot

5th February 2013

Elizabeth Mary Duke

4th February 2013

“Ann” Lilian Rose Ann Best

4th February 2013

Margaret Eileen Cowen

3rd February 2013

Ruby Bertha Tanner

2nd February 2013

Kathleen Doris Wilson

1st February 2013

Mark Anthony Thomas

31st January 2013

“Andy” Andrew James Smith

30th January 2013

“Peggy” Margaret Milne Charles

29th January 2013

Albert Charles Byford

26th January 2013

Albert Brown

25th January 2013

Eleanor Margaret E Jennings

24th January 2013

“Lily” Lilian Mary Weller

24th January 2013

“Jim” James Helyer

23rd January 2013

“Marg” Margarita Ellen Welham

23rd January 2013

Ethel Elizabeth Poole

22nd January 2013

Frederick Bingham

21st January 2013

Doreen Jessie Sanger

20th January 2013

Joan Pamela Cozens

18th January 2013

Jean Catherine Thacker

17th January 2013

Anna Kathleen Futer

11th January 2013

David Michael Malcomber

9th January 2013

Thomas Henry Ashby

7th January 2013

John Thomas Burns

6th January 2013

Joyce Emily Shaw

3rd January 2013

John Brown

13th January 2009

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