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Margaret Allin

29th December 2018

Stephen A Dowsett

29th December 2018

Joy Eileen Fagg

27th December 2018

John Webb

25th December 2018

Sylvia Merle Parker

23rd December 2018

Rose Caroline Price

20th December 2018

Maureen P H Williams

18th December 2018

Anthony S D Graham

13th December 2018

Edith Dixon

11th December 2018

Christine Ann Ford “Bud”

10th December 2018

Donald Herbert Williams “Don”

8th December 2018

Joseph John Barry Keller “Joe”

8th December 2018

Frances Marlane Cox

6th December 2018

James Robert Ellwood “Bob”

3rd December 2018

David Andrew Fowler “Dave”

2nd December 2018

Rambha Bhatt

1st December 2018

Kanubhai C Patel

30th November 2018

Peter Arthur Knowles

29th November 2018

Clifford Hamill

28th November 2018

Brenda Jacqueline Agar

27th November 2018

Jeanette Rita Stevens ‘Jean’

24th November 2018

Alexander Alistair MacQueen

24th November 2018

Elizabeth H B Keller ‘Betty’

23rd November 2018

Brenda Jean Darlington

23rd November 2018

Nicholas John Lakin ‘Nik’

22nd November 2018

Mary Joy Voyce

20th November 2018

Stephen James Ball

20th November 2018

Sylvia Denise Aspinall

18th November 2018

Arthur Fowler

15th November 2018

Betty Leila Cronin

14th November 2018

Barbara Spiers

12th November 2018

Joyce Forster

12th November 2018

Violet E M Grantham

9th November 2018

Callaise A L Buckham

6th November 2018

Violet Lily Legg

2nd November 2018

Peter Walter Coleman

2nd November 2018

Rosemary Ann Smith

30th October 2018

John William Hayes

30th October 2018

Joy Norbury

28th October 2018

Paula Jane Herring

27th October 2018

Keith Bannerman

27th October 2018

Patricia Ann Hurnell

26th October 2018

Deborah Ann Pitts “Debbie”

23rd October 2018

Kushagra Sharma “Kush”

19th October 2018

Leslie Gordon Fairman “Les”

16th October 2018

Jean Doris Shore

11th October 2018

John Sidney Dart

10th October 2018

John James Simpson

8th October 2018

Krisztina Edit Stevenson “Christa”

7th October 2018

Dorothy Jean Margaret Jackson

5th October 2018

Rosemary Cole “Rosie”

1st October 2018

Rosina Skinner

31st October 2018

Raymond Frederick Owen “Ray”

31st October 2018

Patricia Goldstone

26th September 2018

James Beckwith Bennett ‘Jim’

26th September 2018

Kenneth William Burletson ‘Ken’

23rd September 2018

Brian Webzell

19th September 2018

Martin W E Strudwick

19th September 2018

Stewart Butler Park

19th September 2018

Betty Daidy Fedarb

19th September 2018

Baby Faythe E S Arnell

18th September 2018

Frederick Carr

15th September 2018

Kathleen Muriel Ford ‘Kath’

13th September 2018

Charles Ronald Poynter ‘Charlie’

10th September 2018

Helene Mathilde Saint-Jacques

8th September 2018

Julie Michelle Dignum

8th September 2018

Robert Bayley Lawrie

7th September 2018

William John Charles Bridger ‘Bill’

7th September 2018

Josephine Lilian Plummer ‘Josie’

23rd August 2018

Ann Patricia Chubb

23rd August 2018

Shirley Bess Canfield ‘Shirl’

22nd August 2018

Henrietta Joan Elliott ‘Joan’

20th August 2018

Alfred Cornelius Herbert

17th August 2018

Ronald Frank Cheesman ‘Ron’

14th August 2018

Sheila Pamela Dawn Kemp

9th August 2018

Peter John Coleman

9th August 2018

Joseph George Conway

8th August 2018

Douglas Reginald Cox

6th August 2018

Patricia Greta Marion Budgen ‘Pat’

1st January 1970

Patricia Brinton Brooks

6th August 2018

Ronald Sidney Waller ‘Bill’

5th August 2018

Vera May Merry

5th August 2018

Geoffrey Charles Mynard ‘Geoff’

4th August 2018

William Wood ‘Bill’

29th August 2018

Alan Frederick Payne

29th August 2018

Beatrice Kathleen Simmons ‘Betty’

27th August 2018

Winifred Mabel Rayfield ‘Win’

27th August 2018

William J D Robinson “Bill”

26th August 2018

Keith Charles Brickwood

26th August 2018

Ena Pamela Mary Ryan

29th July 2018

Frank Richard Humphreys

28th July 2018

Albert Frank Perriss “Bert”

25th July 2018

Thomas James Roberts “Tom”

24th July 2018

Marjorie Helena Taylor

23rd July 2018

Evelyn May Martin

22nd July 2018

Phyllis Alice Rose White

22nd July 2018

Maureen Janice Browning “Mo”

20th July 2018

William Watson Ranson “Bill”

19th July 2018

Michael E G Oakshott

19th July 2018

Marjorie Ella Maxwell

13th July 2018

Phyllis Jean Voice “Jean”

4th July 2018

Geoffrey Walter Munn “Geoff”

22nd June 2018

Jacqueline Coleman “Jackie”

22nd June 2018

Vrujlal Bhukanbhai Khatri “Vijay”

20th June 2018

Jean Dorothy Smith

19th June 2018

Bernard John Hodgson

19th June 2018

Christine Barbara Ecott

18th June 2018

Beryl Louise Cuffley

15th June 2018

Kathleen Glenys Denton

14th June 2018

Vithalbhai Nai

10th June 2018

Diane Lillian Gwendoline Widmark

9th June 2018

Kamla Ram-Henman “Kalma”

7th June 2018

Lesley Beatrice Gaskins

7th June 2018

Patricia Joan Gilson

30th June 2018

Peter Colin Nolan

27th June 2018

John Charles Gardiner

23rd June 2018

Joseph William Bruce McQueen

23rd June 2018

Joan Olive Rooke

23rd June 2018

Beryl Florence Nathalie

31st May 2018

Josephine Frances Spilling “Jo”

29th May 2018

Margaret Allwright “Maggie”

27th May 2018

Harry Herbert Simmons “Dan”

22nd May 2018

Paul Robert Farrar

18th May 2018

Steven Terry Christopher Edwards

17th May 2018

Gerald Ian Wood “Gerry”

16th May 2018

Pamela Joyce Fleming “Pam”

10th May 2018

Ernest James Ritchie “Jim”

9th May 2018

Mary Kathleen Cole

2nd May 2018

Isabel Davidson Walker

2nd May 2018

Frank William George Ford

1st May 2018

Thomas Albert Moore “Albert”

16th April 2018

Brian Arthur Roderick

15th April 2018

Victoria Alice Rhodes “Vicky”

14th April 2018

Joan Eileen Sands

10th April 2018

Christine Ann Baker “Chris”

9th April 2018

Carol Bernadette Roderick

8th April 2018

James William Huke “Jim”

7th April 2018

Joyce Mary Tilley “Joy”

7th April 2018

Marjorie Teresa Gibb

6th April 2018

Jean Mary Kendal

4th April 2018

Derrick James Scopes

2nd April 2018

Ricky Lee Miller

1st April 2018

Heather Ann Conroy

1st April 2018

Margaret Lilian Bambridge “Peggy”

27th April 2018

Patricia Margaret Taylor “Pat”

25th April 2018

Leonard Coleman “Len”

21st April 2018

Joseph W E Douglas MBE “Bill”

20th April 2018

Pamela Sue Pointer “Sue”

18th April 2018

Tony Percival Taylor

17th April 2018

Jean Poulsom

1st March 2018

Doris Edith Shouler

28th March 2018

Elsie Frances Dwyer

23rd March 2018

Joan Ellen West

20th March 2018

Agnes Relph

19th March 2018

Francois Gerrard Lyssens

19th March 2018

Katherine Elizabeth Adshead “Kaz”

18th March 2018

Elizabeth Cairns James “Betty”

18th March 2018

Arthur Driver

17th March 2018

Francis Edward Felton “Jim”

16th March 2018

Giovanni Nunziati

16th March 2018

Gwendoline Mary Pain “Wendy”

14th March 2018

Jean Pearl Lucas

14th March 2018

Robert Alfred Rapley “Bob”

12th March 2018

Michael Thomas French “Mick”

10th March 2018

Sidney Alfred Darroch “Sid”

10th March 2018

Sarah Jane Lewsey

9th March 2018

Thomas Kenneth Frost “Ken”

8th March 2018

Eileen Violet Dow

8th March 2018

Dineshbhai Gordhanbhai Patel

7th March 2018

Robert Edward Andrew “Roy”

5th March 2018

Amanda Carole Brook “Mande”

4th March 2018

Noreen McLellan

4th March 2018

John Graham Welham “Graham”

3rd March 2018

Jill Fox

28th February 2018

Mary Sylvia Creaye

26th February 2018

Alison Edwards

25th February 2018

Irene Florence Smith ‘Rene’

24th February 2018

Malcolm William Impey ‘Bill’

22nd February 2018

Katherine Isabel Wise ‘Katie’

22nd February 2018

Brenda Ann Crickmore

21st February 2018

Stephen Allan Patto

19th February 2018

Margaret Ellen Oyler

18th February 2018

Ivy Dorothy Allen

17th February 2018

Robert Sidney Weller ‘Bob’

17th February 2018

Beryl Olive Sallis

16th February 2018

Daisy Sawyer

15th February 2018

Gertrude Florence Howick

13th February 2018

Anthony Scott Wood ‘Tony’

10th February 2018

Vicky Sandria Stocks

9th February 2018

Phillip Richard Duffell

8th February 2018

Diane Susan Rees

7th February 2018

Andrew Alexander Grant

7th February 2018

Stephen James Mansfield

6th February 2018

Elizabeth Selina Vallance ‘Betty’

5th February 2018

Colin Charles Roth

5th February 2018

Nichola Claire Coultrip

5th February 2018

Irene Margaret Fowler

2nd February 2018

William George Gregory

1st February 2018

Edna Betty May

21st January 2019

“Ron” Ronald Ernest Mitchell

31st January 2018

Phyllis Evelyn Cooper

31st January 2018

Frank William Sugg

31st January 2018

Constance Cecilia Hunt

30th January 2018

“Fred”Frederick James Pitts

30th January 2018

“Len” Leonard Bye

26th January 2018

George Walter Bonner

25th January 2018

Patricia Pauline Heasman

20th January 2018

“Val” Valerie Primrose Neville

20th January 2018

Dennis William Campbell

19th January 2018

Trevor William Bayliss

19th January 2018

Jack Stuchlik

18th January 2018

“Jim” Edward Douglas Green

17th January 2018

Pamela Therese Hermione James

16th January 2018

Honor Florence Pierce

14th January 2018

Margery Florence Cosgrove

13th January 2018

James David Neil Hicks

13th January 2018

“Ray” Raymond John Lunn

12th January 2018

Donald Edwin Richard Pellett

10th January 2018

“Jack” Sidney John Church

9th January 2018

Maureen Rosina Brown

7th January 2018

“Charlie” Charles Alfred Tracey

7th January 2018

“Hutch” Hacigwala Chizyuka

7th January 2018

Grant Sanderson

4th January 2018

James McLeish

4th January 2018

Gladys May Cotton

4th January 2018

Peter Michael David Smith

4th January 2018

Grace Hobbins

2nd January 2018

“Brenda” Dorothy Brenda Pullen

1st January 2018

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