Book of Remembrance - 2001

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Maud Matilda Watts

30th December 2001

Ruby Patricia Green

29th December 2001

Joan Inglis

28th December 2001

Anne Margaret Bailey “Peggy”

27th December 2001

Olga De Cicco

26th December 2001

Olive Margaret Tebbutt

20th December 2001

William Charles Thorne

18th December 2001

Alice Wilson “Mary”

17th December 2001

Gerald Bennett

16th December 2001

Robert Joseph Packer “Bob”

15th December 2001

Frank Herbert Rogers

14th December 2001

John Stanley Hobbins

14th December 2001

Sheilagh Argent

9th December 2001

Linda Mary Cole

4th December 2001

Francis David William Jewitt

4th December 2001

Alfred William Napper

4th December 2001

Elizabeth Sandwell “Liz”

2nd December 2001

Elfriede Keattch

30th November 2001

Arthur John Baylis

29th November 2001

Wallace Henry Getgood

28th November 2001

Winifred F A Parkhouse

27th November 2001

William Noel Martin “Bill”

24th November 2001

Winifred Alice Parsons

21st November 2001

Jessie Frances West

18th November 2001

Laura Maud Telford-Smith

18th November 2001

Lorna McLeod

16th November 2001

Joyce Hewlett

15th November 2001

Ethel Bastable

15th November 2001

Patricia Doreen Wenham

14th November 2001

Lillian Lee

14th November 2001

John Angus Gardiner

13th November 2001

Winifred Lilian Wiles “Win”

9th November 2001

Sydney James Mitchell

4th November 2001

William Arthur Bailey “Bill”

31st October 2001

Alice Mary Elizabeth Harris

28th October 2001

Terrence William List “Terry”

26th October 2001

Peter Rolland

25th October 2001

Kathleen Mary Pugh “Kath”

19th October 2001

Joyce Irene Aldcroft

18th October 2001

Irene Lilian Doyle

18th October 2001

Henry Benjamin Porter

17th October 2001

Doris Marjorie Garner

17th October 2001

David Ernest Barnard Spaull

16th October 2001

Betty Witt

10th October 2001

Eleanor Broof Jeffcott

10th October 2001

Harry Walter Brown

9th October 2001

Sarah Florence Cole “Florrie”

8th October 2001

Irene Nicholls

8th October 2001

Maureen Constance Clay

7th October 2001

James Robert Charles Creed

29th September 2001

Yvonne Clare Stokes

29th September 2001

Clifford George King

27th September 2001

Linda Rosemary Acteson

25th September 2001

Rodney Stace

24th September 2001

Pauline Gladys Stenning

24th September 2001

Joseph Edward Wilkins

24th September 2001

Thomas Woodley “Tom”

21st September 2001

Ronald Stanley Gould

19th September 2001

Reginald Cuthbert Clarke

18th September 2001

Robert Arthur Mortlock

14th September 2001

Norah Dorothy Yuillle

5th September 2001

Leonard James Warran

3rd September 2001

Jean Morrison

1st September 2001

Jean Edith Emily Dodsworth

31st August 2001

Derek Alfred Gardner

28th August 2001

Elizabeth Austin

20th August 2001

Sydney James Hare

17th August 2001

Minaxi Pramodkumar Patel

4th August 2001

Reg Harris

30th May 2001

Herbert John Tribe

9th May 2001

Michael Hazlewood

6th May 2001

Eileen Joan Fenn

30th April 2001

Ray Ballard

28th April 2001

Myrtle Vivian Andrew

19th April 2001

Vi Whiffin

18th April 2001

Ron Leslie Cozens

3rd April 2001

Grace Street

1st April 2001

Valerie Huxter

20th March 2001

Patricia Jackson,

16th February 2001

Betty Vallance

3rd February 2001

Dorothy Lowery

31st January 2001

Betty Jones

15th January 2001

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