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Basil Peter Joseph Longy

28th November 2023

David Melville Law

28th November 2023

Teresa Marilen Bolton

28th November 2023

Muriel Jean Livesley

26th November 2023

Robin George Solly

24th November 2023

Rosemary Priscilla Whitehead

22nd November 2023

Patricia Joan Taylor ‘Pat’

22nd November 2023

Roy Ernest Bovis

21st November 2023

Phyllis Edwards

20th November 2023

Pamela Joan Hiscock

20th November 2023

Barbara Gladys Frost

18th November 2023

Marie Anncy Bertrand

17th November 2023

Kathleen Teresa Ashby

16th November 2023

Reginald Henry King ‘Reg’

12th November 2023

Elizabeth Ann Hagart

12th November 2023

Bernard William Mayo

11th November 2023

Ronald William Sinden

9th November 2023

Joan Ethel Schooley

6th November 2023

Janet Ann Richards

4th November 2023

John Alan Alfred Roberts

3rd November 2023

Jean Margaret Browne

3rd November 2023

Ronald Edward Cole ‘Ron’

1st November 2023

Steven Michael Wiggins ‘Steve’

31st October 2023

Gertrude May Law

30th October 2023

Aeran Luke Sebastian Taylor

27th October 2023

Evelyne Dora Wadey

26th October 2023

Ronald Frederick Knowles

24th October 2023

Yvonne Calvin

22nd October 2023

Lorraine Elizabeth Hands

18th October 2023

Graham Stewart Powell

14th October 2023

Susan Jones ‘Suzie’

13th October 2023

Mark Faithfull

12th October 2023

Carol Pauline Naish

8th October 2023

Edwin Ernest Arthur Melbourne

7th October 2023

Joan Constance Jessie Tooke

5th October 2023

John James Ireland

5th October 2023

June Alexandra Prince

2nd October 2023

Barbara Ann Chant

1st October 2023

Sharron Josette Lovett

28th September 2023

Terence Eric Flatt

26th September 2023

Robert Arthur Bourne ‘Bob’

24th September 2023

Alan Edwin Bearman

24th September 2023

David Frederick Allt

20th September 2023

Michael John Ironside

14th September 2023

John David Major

10th September 2023

Paul Ruth

9th September 2023

Paul Graham Rowe

9th September 2023

Michael Charles Constable ‘Mick’

5th September 2023

Frederick William George Smith

2nd September 2023

Hannah Emily Byrne

1st September 2023

Keith Ingham

31st August 2023

Jean Agnes Nangle

30th August 2023

John Patrick Kelly

29th August 2023

John Warren Teasdale

27th August 2023

Pamela Primrose Rea

26th August 2023

Yvonne Payne

25th August 2023

Jean Winifred Styles

22nd August 2023

Eliza Watson Martin

22nd August 2023

George James Stillwell

20th August 2023

Sylvia Alicia Humphreys

19th August 2023

Kathleen Maureen Wheeler ‘ Maureen’

19th August 2023

Barbara Yvonne Stephens

19th August 2023

Harold John Barrett ‘John’

14th August 2023

William John McGonagle

9th August 2023

Robert William Barton

8th August 2023

Louis Andre Ah-Waye

8th August 2023

Baljit Kaur Sokhi

7th August 2023

Pamela Marie McLuckie

2nd August 2023

Victor Norman Caton

2nd August 2023

Vernon James McLellan

31st July 2023

Katherine Irene Adams

31st July 2023

Barry Clive Loxston

30th July 2023

Kevin Phillip Sears

29th July 2023

Tatsuo Sasaki

25th July 2023

Terence Smith ‘Terry’

23rd July 2023

James Stuart Sharpe ‘Stuart’

22nd July 2023

Betty Eileen Reynolds

21st July 2023

Kenneth Rudolph Bartels

20th July 2023

Joyce Pennells

14th July 2023

Louie Chalcraft

14th July 2023

Rebecca Tamsin Dorkins

14th July 2023

Paul Charles Chamberlain

14th July 2023

Louisa Pond ‘Lou’

13th July 2023

Michael John Clapp

12th July 2023

John Henry Russell

10th July 2023

Brian John Keeley

10th July 2023

Rita Ann Irish

7th July 2023

Jennifer Ann Sims

4th July 2023

Sandra Rosina Baldwin

2nd July 2023

Alan Michael Newcombe

1st January 2023

Maurice John Pennells

27th June 2023

Louis Henry Bertrand

26th June 2023

Richard Kevin Mold

23rd June 2023

Paul Henry Devlin

23rd June 2023

Angela Mary Elizabeth Simester

21st June 2023

Joseph Lucas ‘Joe’

21st June 2023

James David Bull

19th June 2023

Joan Marylyn Cheesman

15th June 2023

Leonard Thomas Victor Elphick ‘Len’

11th June 2023

Constance Elizabeth Wesley Reid ‘Connie’

4th June 2023

Norman Reginald Frederick Baker

12th May 2023

Titilope Elizabeth Adekunle

13th May 2023

Patricia Pullen ‘Pat’

25th May 2023

Frank Peter Pollard

8th May 2023

Arthur James Brown

27th May 2023

Diana Kathleen Florence Cnudde

22nd May 2023

Shirley Patricia Bailey

1st May 2023

Linda June Toghill

17th May 2023

Judith Sykes

12th May 2023

Julian Mark Smith

13th May 2023

Rose Evelyn Sarah McKane

17th May 2023

Barbara Sybil Denyer

25th May 2023

Andrew Vernon Nicholson

13th May 2023

Ishwarbhai Ramjibhai Nayee

11th May 2023

Timothy Ronald Anthony Brooker ‘Tim’

7th May 2023

Anthony John Norman

5th May 2023

Derek De-Swarte

5th May 2023

Mary Brazil

4th May 2023

Martin Robert Howard

30th April 2023

Susan Margaret Howard

30th April 2023

Albert John Urben

29th April 2023

Maureen Mary Coomber

29th April 2023

Francis Eric Shaw

28th April 2023

David Walter King

26th April 2023

Joan Chappell

26th April 2023

Tony Clark

25th April 2023

Joe Mitchell

19th April 2023

Kenneth Henry James Driver “Ken”

12th April 2023

Susan Jennifer Messenger “Sue”

11th April 2023

Harry Edward Stokes

6th April 2023

Susan Elizabeth Rogers “Sue”

6th April 2023

Rita Coral Kent

6th April 2023

June Kathleen Howard

1st April 2023

Joan Sophia Gibson

1st April 2023

Michael John Doyle

1st April 2023

Reginald Eugene Coward ‘Reg’

28th March 2023

Christopher James Blackley ‘Chris’

27th March 2023

Nigel John Martin

24th March 2023

Alan Bowen Carpenter

23rd March 2023

Laurence Martin Branscombe

23rd March 2023

Juliet Nancy Whitby

22nd March 2023

Mercedes Pereira Santos

21st March 2023

Carla Michelle Mayne

20th March 2023

Maureen Jones

20th March 2023

Ruth Beatrice Foster

17th March 2023

Hilary Jane Bason

17th March 2023

Michael Charles Pannell

15th March 2023

Susan Mary Stickley

11th March 2023

Frederick Charles Griffiths

3rd March 2023

Janet Patricia Wood

2nd March 2023

Lionel Stephen Williams

1st March 2023

Arthur James Page

1st March 2023

Alan Roy Weekley

1st March 2023

Ronald Malcolm Miles ‘Ron’

25th February 2023

Paul Kelly

28th February 2023

Lesley Ann Benwell ‘Lee’

27th February 2023

Kenneth Edward Bambridge

26th February 2023

Sybil Jane Wickins

25th February 2023

Jean Mavis Webber

24th February 2023

Anne Elizabeth Stubbs

22nd February 2023

Vincent Ho Lun Cheng

22nd February 2023

Ellen Holloway

21st February 2023

Michael John Baines

18th February 2023

Iris Terry

16th February 2023

Alison Fay Cosens

16th February 2023

Frederick John Bernardi

16th February 2023

Alex Gyorgy Nandor Sandor-Klinyec

15th February 2023

Borge Viggo Pedersen

14th February 2023

Thomas John Lineton

11th February 2023

William Percy Corps

11th February 2023

Marianne Sarah Rees

9th February 2023

Alida Maria Nunziati

5th February 2023

Doris Rose King

5th February 2023

Maud Elizabeth Thompson

5th February 2023

Terence Arthur Andrews ‘Terry’

4th February 2023

John Leonard Garnett

3rd February 2023

Brian John Jones

2nd February 2022

John Pitts

29th January 2023

David Stephen Piper ‘Dave’

29th January 2023

Stanley Thomas Sanderson ‘Stan’

28th January 2023

Pauline Diane McLeary

28th January 2023

Neil Terence Denney

27th January 2023

Elsa Elizabeth Cheeseman

25th January 2023

Raymond George Buck ‘Ray’

23rd January 2023

Joel Akande Abisa

1st January 1970

Kevin Peter Turner

20th January 2022

Raymond Cantal

18th January 2023

Christopher Harold Beck ‘Chris’

17th January 2023

Fraser Peter Smith

16th January 2023

Maureen Olive Izzard

15th January 2023

John Chapman-Andrews

13th January 2023

George Robert Allaway

12th January 2023

Tracey Jane Bowden

11th January 2023

Anne Woollard

10th January 2023

Peter David Foster

10th January 2023

Charles Henry Brennan

10th January 2023

Rhiannon Sharpe ‘Ann’

9th January 2023

Michael John Barker

8th January 2023

Richard John Gilbert Aldridge

8th January 2023

Gary Anthony McBride

7th January 2023

Joseph Clissold

6th January 2023

Norman Beese

2nd January 2023

Colin Albert Postle

1st January 2023

Louisa Maud Churchyard

1st January 2023

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