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Margaret Ann Smith

31st December 2019

Alan James Steer

29th December 2019

Shirley Ann Darroch

29th December 2019

Dawn Yvette Pond

28th December 2019

Jean Edith Pritchard

26th December 2019

Gillian Baker

25th December 2019

Alan Arthur Ernest Collins

23rd December 2019

Rodney Ernest Grantham

22nd December 2019

Christine Ann Sargent

21st December 2019

Brenda Lilian Hillier

20th December 2019

Cicely Joan White ‘Joan’

17th December 2019

Doris Timms

11th December 2019

Hugh Ansfield

9th December 2019

Mary Anne Mitchell

7th December 2019

Sarah Jane Page

5th December 2019

Arthur Raymond Tanner

3rd December 2019

Rachel Sanders

29th November 2019

Anthony James Carey

29th November 2019

Jeanette Joan Stevens

28th November 2019

Annie Yarr Roberts

26th November 2019

Eileen Ethel Dawson

26th November 2019

John Anthony Hanlon

25th November 2019

Nicola Jane April Cassell

24th November 2019

Irene Kathleen Purnell

22nd November 2019

Eileen Elizabeth Seaman

21st November 2019

Gerald William White “Sid”

21st November 2019

Ronald Edward Cooper

20th November 2019

Lilian Rose Stevens

19th November 2019

Winifred Offler

18th November 2019

Alan Frederick Perrotten

13th November 2019

Raymond Matthews “Ray”

10th November 2019

Roy Peters

9th November 2019

Cassandra Lean Williams “Sandra”

5th November 2019

Leonard William Luck “Bill”

3rd November 2019

Dorothy Alma Rose Hobbs “Stevie”

2nd November 2019

Royston William Jenkins “Tim”

1st November 2019

Winifred Ivy Rose Francis “Win”

29th October 2019

Patricia Ellen McKenzie

6th October 2019

Rose Dorothy Thompson “Dot”

29th October 2019

June Hawtin

27th October 2019

Keith Wash

25th October 2019

Kathleen Prigg

23rd October 2019

Rev’d Margaret P Hanson

23rd October 2019

Tina Diane Shaw

22nd October 2019

Joan Ellen Albon

19th October 2019

Joyce Dorothy Hales

18th October 2019

John Anthony Edgeley

18th October 2019

Christophora Parrot Tado

17th October 2019

Freda Cox

16th October 2019

June Doreen Mortlock

13th October 2019

Margaret Ann Turner

11th October 2019

Ian Frank Davis

10th October 2019

George David Phillips

10th October 2019

June Cathreen King

9th October 2019

Charles J F Killick

6th October 2019

Daniel Emerson Pattie Quacoe

2nd October 2019

Daniel Adam Rhymes

2nd October 2019

Maureen Christine Wheeler

29th September 2019

Irene May Tanner

29th September 2019

Phyllis Margaret Mascall ‘Margaret’

28th September 2019

Ronald Edward Quick

28th September 2019

Joan Alice Brown

27th September 2019

William Frederick Todd

26th September 2019

Ruth Mary Elizabeth Ganz

20th September 2019

Rosemary L A Wakelin

13th September 2019

Raquel Kelvie

10th September 2019

Kevin Richard Steggell

8th September 2019

Paul Michael Hofmann

7th September 2019

Betty Grimstone

6th September 2019

Michael William Bond

4th September 2019

Harold Edward Ruff ‘Harry’

26th August 2019

John Frederick King

31st August 2019

Richard Keith Aird

26th August 2019

Kamaljeet Ahluwalia

25th August 2019

June Rose Baker

23rd August 2019

Haque Nawaz Khan

18th August 2019

Daren Paul Davidson

8th August 2019

Peter Raymond Stark

6th August 2019

Barbara Frances Gunton

3rd August 2019

Judith Ann Aldridge

31st July 2019

Josephine Dorothy Watt

30th July 2019

Martin Leslie Jeffree

27th July 2019

Leslie George Dancaster

26th July 2019

Joyce Edith Burgess

26th July 2019

Graham George Brookes

26th July 2019

John David Oram

23rd July 2019

Daphne Barrs

23rd July 2019

Ernest Sydney Archer ‘Ernie’

23rd July 2019

David Kelly

21st July 2019

Peter Jan Hamilton Scott

19th July 2019

Dorothy Collins Parker

18th July 2019

Margaret E S D Constant

17th July 2019

Rose Edith Elizabeth Finch

16th July 2019

Shane M S Poynter

14th July 2019

Arthur Prendergast

13th July 2019

Carol Bridget Flack

11th July 2019

Jean Dye

10th July 2019

Eileen Dorothy Botting

10th July 2019

Edward Harry White

3rd July 2019

Jack Anthony Talbot “Tony”

4th June 2019

Joan Louise Moore

4th June 2019

Claire Francis

7th June 2019

Albert Frederick Thompson

14th June 2019

Stanley Albert Woolford

6th June 2019

Roy Cyril Maxted

7th June 2019

Joanna Tuck

9th June 2019

Susan Shorey

12th June 2019

Timothy John Gardner

10th June 2019

Rosina Maud Handley “Rose”

14th June 2019

Patricia Elizabeth Flack “Pat”

12th June 2019

Janet Reynolds

12th June 2019

Terence Austin Nathan Craig

13th June 2019

Peggy Alice Styles

28th June 2019

Julie Elaine Morris

28th June 2019

Frances Fleming

3rd May 2019

Sheila Mary Mugridge

3rd May 2019

Gillian Mary Warrington

7th May 2019

Ernest Arthur Brooker

13th May 2019

Kenneth Charles Coppard

10th May 2019

Joan Eileen Howlett

12th May 2019

Justyna Basley

11th May 2019

Antony Derek Syrett “Tony”

17th May 2019

Margaret Mary McMillan “Peggy”

23rd May 2019

Richard Alan Wraight “Dick”

25th May 2019

Stanley Walter Jenkins

24th May 2019

Leonard Stanley Pellett

21st May 2019

June Evelyn Butler

13th May 2019

Gladys Maud McBride “Glad”

30th April 2019

May Dorothy Tidy

26th April 2019

Victor Neal Burgess

25th April 2019

Sharon Ann McGovern

23rd April 2019

Jean Florence Kite

19th April 2019

Alan William Piper

18th April 2019

Janet Fisher

18th April 2019

Jeannette Iris Craig

15th April 2019

Bridget Fitzgerald “Bridie”

12th April 2019

Maurice Charles Baker

11th April 2019

Melvin Wilson

8th April 2019

Kim Stanley Taylor

7th April 2019

Daisy Thrift

6th April 2019

Joan Marie Huxley

5th April 2019

Robert Alan Rands “Bob”

2nd April 2019

Percival Edward Nelson

1st April 2019

Robert Alfred Sully “Bob”

24th March 2019

Leslie Maurice Bayliss

25th March 2019

Margaret Yvonne Scott

23rd March 2019

Joyce Iris Budden

21st March 2019

Kathleen Emily Dunne

15th March 2019

Sybil Bessie Fox

12th March 2019

Roy Horace Newman Watts

11th March 2019

Philip Charles Card

11th March 2019

Shirley Ruth Marsh

11th March 2019

Roger Arthur James Green

10th March 2019

Deirdre Herta Alice Blanch

8th March 2019

Muriel Kate Whitehead

7th March 2019

Irene Louise Luttman

4th March 2019

Phyllis Cunningham

3rd March 2019

Josephine Maude Clarke

27th February 2019

Lily Maud Rebecca Leach

27th February 2019

Andrew Geoffrey Trice

26th February 2019

Jacqueline Elizabeth Giles

24th February 2019

Barbara Joan Hollingdale

20th February 2019

Ronald Alfred Davies

13th February 2019

Lee Anne Reuby

13th February 2019

Elaine Claxton

10th February 2019

Daphne Agnes Edwards

10th February 2019

Dorothy Read

9th February 2019

John Matthew Walsh

7th February 2019

Audrey Elizabeth Ayton

7th February 2019

Mandy Madeline Doreen Ogle

6th February 2019

Delycia Leigh Cook

6th February 2019

Bert Albert George Avery

5th February 2019

Mary Ann Charlotte Dowsett

4th February 2019

David Colin

31st January 2019

Michele Oliva

31st January 2019

Dorothy Isherwood

30th January 2019

Florence Elizabeth Maybank

30th January 2019

Irene Crump

29th January 2019

Gordon A W Tomlinson

27th January 2019

Barbara Hanson

20th January 2019

Violet Brickwood

16th January 2019

Anthony John Leathers

16th January 2019

Janice Carden

15th January 2019

William George Draper

13th January 2019

Desmond Wheelhouse

12th January 2019

Roger Anthony Pearce

8th January 2019

John Gordon Cummings

6th January 2019

Janice Jones

6th January 2019

Joan Grace Bennett

5th January 2019

Jerzy Marek Opocki

5th January 2019

Lily F M Jackson

2nd January 2019

Linda Boxall

1st January 2019

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